And the work begins…

Welcome to my food blog! I finally managed to fix this site (after having it for some months) and get it up and running.

Just to give you a bit of history, this all started with my fascination of taking photos of food. I just enjoy taking photos of dishes because (1) it doesn’t complain and (2) it’s just…there. You can move it around in whatever angle and after a few clicks or so…viola! Perfect shot! Aside from taking photos, food makes me feel good (well, those that are tasty make me feel that way). I remember one of my college buddies telling me that I always look happy whenever I eat. It’s like what I’m eating is muy delicioso.

So why this blog? If you check my FB, the photo section are full of food photos (refer to screenshot below).


all the ones in red have something to do with food...hihihi ;p

I finally decided to have this blog and share my love for food. Since I’m a newbie at this, I cannot promise you that it’ll be from a chef’s POV nor a food connoisseur’s one. I do vow to narrate my food adventures here and take lovely photos 😀

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