Adventures with M: Wee Nam Kee

This is a very overdue post…hehehe.

When M and I tried out this restaurant, it was still on soft opening. Thus, we experienced the not-so-good service stage. But hey, we were there for the food so we endured the “service”. The place was actually quite small and packed with people. As for the interior of the restaurant, it didn’t impress me much but it was nice; simple yet very Asian.

Steamed or roasted? Hmm…

Of course we had to try the Hainanese Chicken Rice as this is what the place is known for. They have set meals that include the chicken rice along with a soup. I was thinking of choosing steamed but I opted for the roasted one instead. I mean come on…the roasted one looks better!

Roasted Chicken Rice Set (P168)

The chicken is GOOD. I was able to eat the skin (which I don’t normally do) and eat the chicken with much ease. For me, the chicken itself was good but even better with the sauce. I was actually surprised with their ginger concoction because it wasn’t that strong. It was slightly mild. As advised by the server, we tried mixing the ginger with the soy sauce and the result: perfect combination. It really was a nice blend with the chicken.

You can choose from 3 sauces: soy sauce, ginger and spicy sauce.

Now…something has to be said about the rice: it’s awesome!!! I couldn’t get enough of it. I think this was cooked in chicken stock. It really is delicious. I actually wanted more when I finished all of it. Hihihi ;p

Yummy rice!
Salt and Pepper Squid (P220)

We also tried their Salt and Pepper Squid which was pretty okay. It has the right crispiness to it. Also, the squid was cooked well as it was quite soft.

Cold Barley Tea (P55)

Don’t be fooled by how this drink looks. It’s very refreshing with that slight sweetness to it. Very yummy πŸ™‚

I know that I’ve only tasted a quarter of what this restaurant serves but I would definitely be back for more. And of course, I’ll be having more rice. ;p

Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Salcedo Village, Makati City



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  1. Wow, I’m planning to eat out there one of these days πŸ™‚ dunno who will i pull to accompany me hehehehe… Good to know that the prices of the menu items aren’t that expensive.. πŸ˜› the only problem i see with the resto is that it’s always full… is there a reservation policy?

    • There is but from what I hear, it’s only during weekends and on holidays. Honestly, for me it was worth the wait. πŸ™‚ My friend and I also waited for a couple of minutes (considering that we went there at around 11am and the place was packed already).

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