Adventures with M: Apartment 1B

I’ve been wanting and waiting to eat at this restaurant ever since my friend mentioned it to me. And it also helps that this was featured on Anton Diaz’s blog (I think every resto is. Hehehe). Anyway, I finally got the chance to eat here and the wait was well worth it.

The couch really looks comfy. I bet if I sit there, I’ll be asleep in the next 5 minutes.

In my opinion, the design of the place would make one feel at home. I guess it wants to live up to the whole “gourmet comfort food” experience. There’s even a television at the 2nd floor. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the 1st floor but for me, the 2nd floor is better.

Yes, I was distracted by the tv behind M.

On to the food!

Baked Samosas (P 290)

We had the Baked Samosas as our starter. This consist of spinach, mushroom and cheese which for me was a perfect combo. The pastry shell wasn’t thick and had this slight crisp to it. Really yummy (and I must come back for more).

Farfalle Pasta (P 460)

M is addicted to truffle. Anything with truffle…she wants! So we had this Farfalle Pasta which has truffle oil in it. For me, this was okay. I actually couldn’t taste the truffle oil much but it really goes well with our other dish.

Roasted Half Chicken (P 430)

Their roasted chicken is GOOD. The moment I had a bite of this, I think my eyes went big for awhile. The chicken was soft. Even though it was slightly pink, you know that it’s still cooked well. Aside from being oh-so-yummy and soft, the chicken was infused with fresh herbs, garlic and lemon. This was paired with mashed potatoes and veggies.

White Toblerone Cheesecake (P 220)

For dessert, we had their White Toblerone Cheesecake with berry coulis. I thought this was going to be sweet but it was surprisingly not. It has the right amount of sweetness to it. Some may not like the whipped cream on top but I loved it.

If you happen to be around Makati and want to grab some good comfort food, this is the place to go. This is usually packed during lunch (not sure during dinner time) so I suggest that you reserve beforehand (843-4075 or 703-5494).

Apartment 1B
G/F 1 Lafayette Square, 132 L.P. Leviste cor. Sedeno Streeet,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Official website:


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