Adventures with M: Mr. Jones

Okay…this is another overdue post (and I’ll actually be posting more over the month). M and I ate here last December. And ever since then, I’ve eaten here twice already. πŸ™‚

Located at the Phase 2 of Greenbelt 5, Mr. Jones stands out among the row of restaurants at that side. With it’s 50’s inspired decor and diner appeal, one shouldn’t miss it. Even the music is vintage! If I remember correctly, I think Elvis Presley’s songs were playing when I ate there for the 3rd time. On to the food!

Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese (P 395)

What can I say about the pasta above…it’s awesome! At first I thought this would be too cheesy but it’s definitely not. According to the menu, this was baked with 3 types of macaroni in 4 cheeses. It also has some double smoked bacon with some portobello mushrooms and green peas. And let’s not forget the truffle oil which makes this dish oh-so-yummy. It was not that cheesy and surprisingly light.Β I’m really not a fan of mac n’ cheese but this dish made me reconsider it.

U.S. Beef Ribcap “Tapa & Garlic Overload” (P 295)

I thought that Mr. Jones was an all-American dish restaurant. So when M told me they have this, I was actually surprised. Not only because they have this on their menu but also because this dish was good. They served it with garlic fried rice, 2 eggs, atchara and 2 slices of orange. When I came back, I ordered this again (it was that good for me).

The Philadelphia “Black & White” Milkshake (P 250)

Whenever there are milkshakes on the menu, I’m always tempted to order one. And it’s a good thing I gave into this one. This doubles as my drink and dessert. They have a lot of milkshakes that one can choose from but I chose this one. This consisted of Manila Vanilla ice cream (I have no idea what Manila Vanilla ice cream is…) with chocolate syrup topped with 2 red cherries. It was creamy good for me. But I needed water after to wash it all down.

I have a certain liking for anything that’s vintage which is probably why I came back. Of course I came back for the food too. The servings are big and meant for sharing. Definitely a good place to hang out and dine in. πŸ™‚


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