Kop Khun Ka! (Food Review on Thai at Silk)

Kop khun ka, which is meant to be used by females, means thank you in Thailand (kop khun kap for males).

I’ve always loved Thai food. I’m a big fan of their spicy (by this I mean dishes that are full of spices) food that really awakens my senses. And I’m glad I kept my eye on this restaurant. Thai at Silk, which is located at Serendra, caught my eye with its lime green walls and interesting light fixtures. The restaurant feels very modern with some elements of Thai decor that blends in well with the whole place. Another interesting thing about this resto is that the dishes in their menu is in Thai (well…not all. But most are…). You bet I had trouble reading (or even remembering) the names of their meals. O_o

Thai Milk Tea (P 155)

I originally wanted to try their green milk tea but was informed that this is to be phased out. So I tried their Thai Milk Tea instead. It was a bit too sweet for my taste. Maybe too much condensed milk? Or sugar? Nevertheless, it was still a nice drink. And I like the orchid decor placed on the rim of the glass.

Poo Nim Clook Nga Thod (P 435)

As our appetizer, we tried their Poo Nim Clook Nga Thod. This is fried soft shell crab paired with spicy tamarind sauce and seafood sauce. I did not expect that the serving would be that many. I kinda wish that the serving of the sauce would be parallel to the crab. Anyhoo, this was good and it goes well with either sauce.

Phad Thai (P 400)

The presentation of this dish is really nice but I wasn’t able to take the before-before picture.

Phad Thai (or Pad Thai) to some is a common Thai dish normally served in Thai restos here. This one has the staple rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts and chicken. It has a slightly sweet taste that makes it yummy.

Khao Khluk Kapi (P 380)

Again…the before-before presentation of this one was really nice too. The additions (green mango, egg, pork and red peppers) were on the side Β before it was mixed.

Their bagoong rice, as it is commonly called, is a meal on its own. The sweet pork was a nice addition to the fried rice along with the other ingredients. Also, I found some pieces of little shrimp in this flavorful dish.

Kaeng Khiaw Waan (P 345)

Kaeng Khiaw WaanΒ is one of our main courses. It is a chicken curry dish with some eggplants in the mix. It might not be clearly seen in the photo but it has a green hue to it. Like other curry dishes, it has a bit of spiciness to it (we requested it to be mildly spicy). Once you take a bite of the chicken, the kick will slowly set in your mouth. Really good (and might go well with plain rice). πŸ™‚

Pla Lad Prik Sam Ros (P 425)

Topped with tamarind sauce, Pla Lad Prik Sam Ros is a fish fillet cuisine that leaves you with a slight sweet taste. Again, I wish they could have been a lil more generous with the sauce.

Sticky Rice with Mango (P 224)

Of course we had to have room for dessert! As soon as I saw this on the menu, I just had to have it. The usual pair of mango and coconut milk goes well with the sticky rice. It has the right amount of sweetness that I like.

Overall, the food was really good. It’s close to authentic Thai food. The service is very good also. As for the price, not so friendly on one’s wallet. Β But to their defense, the overall package (food, presentation of food, service, ambiance, interior design, etc.) was superb. I’ll definitely come back for the dessert (yes, this was the highlight of my whole experience. It was that good). πŸ™‚


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