Drinking…err…Eating at Canteen

I know, I know…the title is a bit corny but canteen is being used as a water container right? Actually, the word brings me back to my elementary/high school days where students, such as I, flock to buy much needed snacks or refreshments. So it’s kind of amusing to see a restaurant labeled as such. Located along Rada Street in Makati, this restaurant boasts of its simple and good food. Armed with curiosity and an empty stomach, my colleagues and I headed there to try out their food.

The place of the restaurant is small as it shares its space with Trilogy Boutique. It seats about 20+ (I think). Even though the space is shared, the side of Canteen is pretty distinct. Their menu is written on these huge blackboards above their counter. It’s written in different colors so it’s a win for me. Haha. Oh…and they have big pictures of the food (another plus).

Not sure if the photo is clear enough to show Door No.2 (which leads to their bathroom. Nice right?)

Enough about the place…let’s talk FOOD. I ordered their Lemongrass Beef + Soy Fried Rice (they don’t use “and”  but use “+” or “&”. Saves space!). It was served on a white plate with a dressed polonchay and a dipping sauce to go with the beef. I like how the beef wasn’t tough and that I could eat it on it’s own. If added with some sauce, it’ll definitely give this added kick to the already flavorful beef. The soy fried rice is a perfect pair for this. And the polonchay was a nice addition as it somehow “cleansed” my palate (for more food. hihi).

Lemongrass Beef + Soy Fried Rice (P 275)

I downed this meal with some of their good ol’ lemonade. It’s sour but I kinda like it. It’s proof that they did use real lemons. 🙂

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade (P 90)

I never got to taste the other dishes but they look nice so….I took photos instead! Drool readers…mwahaha ;p

Pesto + Kesong Puti + Tomato (P 195)
Miso Glazed Mahi Mahi + Soy Fried Rice (P 210)

Oh! I had bite of this Mahi Mahi and boy was it good. 🙂

Meatball Curry Rice Bowl (P 195)
Roasted Chicken Pesto Panini (P 195)

Those aren’t your regular potato chips but sweet potato ones. A very healthy and tasty alternative!

Fish & Tofu + Red Curry Sauce (P 210)

Everyone seemed to be happy with their choice of food, however, service was slow. We waited a really long time (I cannot remember how long) before the food was served. Good thing that the boutique was there to somehow keep me entertained. Nevertheless, I might go back since the food was good. Plus, I really want to try their weekend dishes and getting a block as I wait for my meal.

Instead of a number stand, we all got letter blocks. Nice right? 🙂

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