The Return of the Hungry Employee

After a 2-year hiatus, I’m back and hungrier than ever!

So you might ask, why did she stop? Did she intentionally took a long leave? Didn’t she retire from blogging? Wait, she has a blog?!?! Questions that I might not be able to answer due to lack of blog space (if there’s such a thing as that). I think that the more important question is: why blog again?

I never considered myself as the writer type. If there’s a need for me to write, I will with much glee, frustration and immense pursuit for perfection. I will get lost in a multitude of thoughts and visions before the actual writing begins. And when I open my eyes, the blank white space will haunt me. It will challenge me to fill it with letters, words, and paragraphs. It will excite me like that of a child opening a present once the composition has been completed. No, I am not a writer. But maybe, by writing my thoughts on food here will make me one.

Over the past few years, I’ve experienced many things both new and old. There were events that have seemed to call me back to blogging but only one propelled me to be officially back. It was just something that I had to share and simply cannot let go of that thought in my mind. After putting this off for sometime, it’s just apt for me to turn it on again. What is this experience you might ask? You’ll find out on my next entry.

So, join me as I once again whip up my fork and spoon eating from one resto to the next. Ready, set, chomp!

The donut here is for picture taking purpose only. But yeah, I eventually ate it.



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