Measure your coffee with Yardstick

ImageHow do you measure your coffee experience? Do you take into consideration the ambience, the taste, the dishes, or the service the baristas offer? When combined, do these factors make up a good coffee experience? In my opinion, it’s a definite yes. And Yardstick will give you just that: a good coffee experience coupled with tasty dishes and knowledgeable baristas.

yardstick cupsyardstick spaceTucked away in Legaspi Village in Makati City, this place is not your usual café with comfy seats and warm lighting. It’s different in the sense that it’s very minimalist and open. One might even have a hard time looking for their logo outside ‘coz it kind of blends in with the building’s wall color.

yardstick logoOnce you open its doors, you will be greeted with its spacious entrance and straight to the point coffee menu. They have several delicacies that you can pair your chosen cup. And yes, they have a waffle menu (which got me excited).

yardstick menuyardstick beansOn to the main event: the coffee! My friends and I had our own pick of the cup and mine was cappuccino. And boy was this strong! I’m more of a café latte type of person and hardly choose cappuccino. But for this instance, I veered away from my usual cup and decided to go with this. It was good and had a nice strong flavor that a cappuccino should have.

yardstick capuccino
Cappuccino (P 140)

My fellow coffee aficionado opted for their flat white. A supposed perfect blend of espresso and milk, Yardstick did justice as my friend really enjoyed her cup.

yardstick flat white
Flat white (P 140)

One of their cold coffee drinks is “The Yard Shake”. I had a sip of this (and bought one a few days later) and it was GOOD. Don’t be fooled by its simple presentation as this is one refreshing and invigorating drink.

yardstick yardshake
The Yard Shake (P 180)

Their take on mocha is quite peculiar. It’s like you paid two drinks for the price of one. Served in four cups, you have your (1) espresso, (2) milk, (3) chocolate, and (4) prepared mocha drink. It’s really up to you on how to go about this. You can drink the prepared one first and experiment away after. This is one good take on a well-loved coffee drink.

yardstick mocha deconstructed
Mocha, Deconstructed (P 190)
yardstick mocha deconstructed2
Espresso, milk and chocolate

yardstick mocha deconstructed3

It’s good to pair these drinks with something savory or sweet. We got both. I mean, when you can’t choose between the two, you get both right?

yardstick waffle sour cream chives
Savory Waffle with Chive Cream Cheese (P 240)
yardstick ice cream
Sweet Waffle with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream (P 190)

I must say, I was immensely happy and satisfied with our waffle choices. Both had differences in that one was really savory and one was really sweet. The savory one had this soft texture that blends well with the chive cream cheese.

I was very particular with the sweet one as it had this crunchy texture when you bite into it. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar, mix it in with the salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, and you have heaven in your mouth. I’m not very fond of caramel but this one was a win for me. It had the right amount of salt which makes this go into my I-must-eat-this-again list.

yardstick ice cream2
Leaning tower of waffle goodness

As of writing, I have been here thrice and will probably be back for more. Even though their space may look “empty”, I somehow find it comforting and filling. It’s a good place to gather one’s thoughts, have intimate conversations, host meetings or catch up with some good old friends. I’m sure that you’ll have a good measure of your coffee experience here at Yardstick.

Yardstick Coffee

G/F Universal LMS Bldg., 106 Esteban Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Official website:



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  1. Lorisse Ramirez June 10, 2014 — 12:10 pm

    I’m no coffee drinker but that Yard shake was definitely something!

  2. Terence Gaffud June 10, 2014 — 7:26 pm

    Good to see you again writing this awesome article! Makes me want to try this place when i get to drop by Makati. Hopefully, I might be able to in the near future.

  3. I must agree, their place gives coffee drinkers enough space to drink in peace and appreciate everything else. 🙂

  4. a coffee convert, is it? 😉 – the Mocha, Deconstructed looks like a-must-try!

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