Lorenzo’s Way: Where Taste Matters


I think that it’s just apt to have this entry entitled as such. Indeed, taste matters at Lorenzo’s Way. Part of the LJC Restaurants, Lorenzo’s Way have Filipino and Spanish dishes to fill in one’s appetite.




Cushioned seats, wooden fixtures and ample lighting makes this place perfect for family gatherings. I especially liked how they displayed their wine collection, paintings and illustrations on the wall. If you’ll notice, there are mirrors behind those wines which opens up the space even if it is quite small. Having those paintings and illustrations make the place seem homey and classy. I had a look at some of the drawings and they were pretty interesting.

LW_kamote chips
Sweet Potato Chips

As we waited for our food, we were served with plain sweet potato/camote/kamote chips. It’s always a plus for me when restaurants serve mini-snacks when you wait. And it’s a good thing it’s not the usual slightly salted peanuts or kropek. Besides, sweet potato is a healthier alternative to our potato friends. Though it’s a bit hard, it’s still very tasty with a hint of sweetness to it. I wasn’t able to stop myself from getting just one chip. Or maybe I was just really hungry.

LW_iced tea
Lorenzo’s Grand Ice Tea (P 95)

Yes, the yellow thing floating in my glass is a pineapple. Their tea concoction is mix of guava and pineapple that makes one refreshing drink. I could actually taste both fruits in my tea which pleasantly surprised. Normally, one fruit would be dominant but this was just right.

Crispy Baby Squid (P 175)
Crispy Baby Squid (P 175)

As our appetizer, we had Crispy Baby Squid which is from Bistro Remedios (an LJC Restaurant). Its light coating doesn’t make it that crispy which is good so as to appreciate the squid more. It’s best to dip it in the sweet chili sauce.

Gising-Gising (P 260)
Gising-Gising (P 260)

Another one from Bistro Remedios, their version of Gising-Gising was quite good. I actually had some regrets having them lessened its spiciness for it was not spicy AT ALL. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. The kangkong stems were quite crunchy that it awakened my tastebuds. Instead of having this with ground pork, they had a couple of shrimp mixed in. To fully get the flavor of this coconut based dish, plain rice is the way to go.

Binukadkad na Pla Pla (P 395)
Binukadkad na Pla Pla (P 395)

Maybe we should have headed to Malate and ate at Bistro Remedios instead. Yes, another one from that restaurant. I only noticed it now that most of our dishes came there. Anyway, this beautifully fried tilapia was paired with good old soy sauce and “balo-balo” (Kampampangan fermented rice). I tried the latter and instantly went back to dipping the fish in the soy sauce. I apologize “balo-balo” but you are not for me. This dish was okay. Not really a fan of fried fish for I prefer grilled ones. Still, it’s a good pair to our other dishes.

Look! I'm flying!
Look! I’m flying!

I couldn’t help it! I had to take a top view photo of the fish. It was that pretty! It really makes me wonder how they fried this.

Costillas de Ternera Guisada (P 625)
Costillas de Ternera Guisada (P 625)

And the priciest dish of all is legitimately from Lorenzo’s Way. Costillas de Ternera Guisada is braised beef short ribs with a couple of vegetables and olives cooked in wine. What amazes me about this was THE BEEF. It was so tender and soft that chewing was sort of out of the question. What about the sauce? It was a win for me too. I’m the type of person who likes putting sauce in plain rice and that’s just what I did. I placed an almost generous amount of sauce on my rice, added some beef and veggies, and was a very happy kid. Indeed, this was muy bien.


Although most of our dishes came from their sister restaurant, it still gave me a good idea of how their dishes are. The good thing about having food from other restaurants is that you get a glimpse of what that other one is, thus, making one go there. One thing is for sure though, I’ll definitely go back. Maybe next time, I’ll dine al fresco with legit dishes from Lorenzo’s Way and with a glass of wine. Maybe 🙂

Lorenzo’s Way
G/F Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Official website: http://ljcrestaurants.com.ph/lorenzos-way/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LorenzosWayRestaurant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ljcrestaurants


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