Non-ramen time at Kenji Tei

KTWho goes to a ramen house and doesn’t order ramen? My family! But something must be said about the other dishes at Kenji Tei. I assure you that the ramen here is good and pairing it with their other food is even better.

KT_facadeKT_lightsTrue to Japanese minimalist style, the place is very clean with it’s wooden tables, wooden chairs and concrete walls. It makes one really focus more on their dining experience. I particularly liked their ceiling and how the lights were placed. It reminded me of ramen noodles that seem to flow inside the restaurant.

Salmon Sashimi (P 278)
Salmon Sashimi (P 278)

As a starter, we had Salmon Sashimi. It was very soft and chewy.

Chahan (P 138)
Chahan (P 138)

Their Chahan is a meal on it’s own. This Japanese fried rice has bits of egg, carrots, and beef/pork (my tastebuds failed me). Honestly, leave me alone with this and I’m good.

Ebi Mango Mayonnaise (P 368)
Ebi Mango Mayonnaise (P 368)

It would seem that it has too much breading but it’s actually filled with shrimp. This has a slight sweet taste thanks to the mango mayonnaise.

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki (P 228)
Crispy Chicken Teriyaki (P 228)

This has got to be my favorite chicken teriyaki. Though it’s different from others as it is of the crispy kind, it’s very good. And I like that it’s crispy.

Ebi Tempura - 5 pcs (P 368)
Ebi Tempura – 5 pcs (P 368)

Of course, an order of tempura is a must. I like how they don’t overdo the breading on this as some restos do. Once you bite into it, you’ll immediately taste shrimp. This 5-piece order sits on a bed of veggie tempura which were equally good.

Iced Tea (P 56)
Iced Tea (P 56)

I’m not a fan of iced tea though it may seem that I drink a lot based from previous posts. I do have exceptions though and Kenji Tei’s Iced Tea is one of them. This was simply refreshing that I had to stop myself from drinking the whole thing. It wasn’t refillable though I wish it was.


So am I happy like the cartoon above? Heaven’s yeah! I always come out happy and satisfied whenever I drop by this place. It is a bit pricey but the service and food is really good. This is great for family gatherings and get together with friends.

If you’re heading out here, please don’t follow my family. Do order ramen. But do follow us by ordering other awesome food they offer. 🙂

Kenji Tei
Cinema Complex, Alabang Town Center,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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