7-11 Chef Creations: Pulled Pork with Adobo Dip


Whenever I drop by 7-11, I would normally just buy a drink or a snack. I never tried any of the packed meals they offered. But when I heard about Chef Creations by Chef Claude Tayag, I knew I had to go there and taste one of his dishes. And being that it’s 7-11, I knew that it was going to be on the affordable side of life.


There were three dishes to choose from, namely, Pulled Pork with Adobo Dip (P 95), Pork Sinigang sa Kamias (P 75), and Pakbet with Bagnet (P 89). I set my eyes on the adobo and had high hopes for it. I mean, it’s Chef Tayag for crying out loud. It must be good!





Lo and behold my disappointment as I took my first, second and third bite. It didn’t taste like adobo at all. Even though I poured the sauce in, it still didn’t settle well with me. I know it’s not your usual adobo but again, I wasn’t able to taste hints of the said dish there. I must say, the pork was very soft which is the only plus for this meal. My other friends bought this too and were disappointed as well. One said it tasted like liver. Eek!

I’m sure that during the launch, the actual product tasted good. But mass producing it and having it go down to us consumers, something went wrong. I was supposed to taste the other two but based on this one experience, I’m never going to get this again.



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