Experiencing the Cibo roundness


Cibo has always been a good place to hang out with a couple of good friends on a weekday. It’s one of those restaurants where you can de-stress, do some storytelling, and eat good Italian food.


Their branch in Glorietta 4 is quite small. It can probably seat up to roughly less than 40 people. Design is quite “steel” in a sense. They have metal tables and metal walls. Chairs are of the plastic kind. I especially liked this wall with the yellow orange lighting. It reminded me of a honeycomb.


We were first served with some complimentary bread. They were served warm and had that light crisp to it. For our main dishes, we opted for the pizza and pasta combo. It always seems like a good choice to pair those two.

Penne al Telefono (Solo: P355; for sharing: P 630)
Penne al Telefono (Solo: P355; for sharing: P 630)

For our pasta, we picked their Penne al Telefono. And boy was this GOOD. It may seem bland or lacking in sauce based on the photo but it had the right amount of stewed tomato, mozarella, white cheese, basil and cream. It was quite sweet and you can really taste the hints of basil in the dish.

Praga (P 380)
Praga (P 380)

For our pizza, we chose Praga. Veering from the usual round pizzas, this one was oblong shaped. Same with the pasta, it had the right amount of mozarella, smoked cooked ham and mushrooms. This was a good pair to the pasta. It was good sans the crust.

The only thing lacking was getting some red wine to complete the dining experience. But, this was good enough. It’s a bit pricey but food and service was good.

Maybe next time, “wine and dine” is a must to fully feel the Cibo roundness.

2/F Glorietta 4,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Official website: http://www.cibo.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ciboPH
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cibo_ph
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ciboph


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