Welcome Lunch at Abe

abe_facadeA restaurant that prides itself in serving Kampampangan cuisine, my family deemed that it was a good welcome treat to my godmother’s son who was staying in the Philippines for a couple of months. After being in the US for quite some time, it’s always nice to come back to good old Filipino dishes that seem to embrace anyone’s homecoming.

abe_lightThe interiors of the place was simple which was quite similar to the other LJC restaurants. It was well lit and had this interesting lamp in the middle of the ceiling.

Tamarind Shake (P 105)
Tamarind Shake (P 105)

One of the chosen drinks was their Tamarind Shake. I had a taste of this and you can really taste the tamarind in it. If you’re a fan of this fruit, I bet you’ll enjoy this.

Tanglad Iced Tea (P 85)
Tanglad Iced Tea (P 85)

I have heard a lot of health benefits that comes with Tanglad or Lemongrass. So, by choosing this drink, I suppose it was the healthy choice. The taste was just right: not too sweet or bland. It was really refreshing.


Bamboo Rice (P 250)
Bamboo Rice (P 250)

With some good tapping on the bamboo and voilà! Bamboo Rice was served. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I didn’t know that it would taste so good. It was really flavorful that you can eat it on its own. It was also somewhat moist which is probably brought by how it was cooked. The only downside is that I really couldn’t match it with the other dishes. But this is still a must-try.

Gising Gising (P 240)
Gising Gising (P 240)

We tried their Gising Gising, which was from Bistro Remedios too (same with Lorenzo’s Way), but did not ask for it to be mild this time. It still lacked that kick I was looking for but it was still good.

Shrimp Halabos (P 285)
Shrimp Halabos (P 285)

I don’t think you can go wrong with ordering Shrimp Halabos. This one matched the Bamboo Rice which made me happy because I can pair it with something. But I guess you can pair this with pretty much anything. Have this with plain rice and it’ll still be a good combo. In terms of taste, it had this slight sweet taste. The shrimps were cooked well as it was neither rubbery nor chewy.

Klassik Kare Kare (P 595)
Klassik Kare Kare (P 595)

Ah…good old Kare Kare. This is another dish you can never go wrong with. Pairing this with plain rice is a must, nay a rule really. Pour the sauce over the warm white rice, place a couple of pork and veggies in it, and you’re home.

Though we weren’t able to taste legitimate Kampampangan dishes (I think), I still find the whole dining experience enjoyable. Food was reasonably priced as it was good for sharing and service was good too. It really is a good venue for loved ones to share meals over heartfelt conversations. Indeed, eating here is a good welcome for those who miss home.

G/F Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Official website: http://ljcrestaurants.com.ph/abe/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Abe/132745540107864
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ljcrestaurants


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