Twice the charm at Commune

Have you ever had that feeling where you had to go to the same place twice? You know deep down that place was special and that it deserves a 2nd chance. Well, I felt that for Commune. I knew that my 1st visit wasn’t sufficient so I had to go there again.

1st Visit
I was surprised that the place was quite small and packed. During that day, there was this talk so that’s probably the reason for the huge number. Interiors were quite nice especially with that blackboard wall. I do find the lighting to be a little dark though.

Chicken Adobo sa Gata (P 190)
Chicken Adobo sa Gata (P 190)

My friend tried their Chicken Adobo sa Gata. She liked that there was coconut milk/cream on the side. In terms of taste, it was okay.

Chicken Longganisa (P 160)
Chicken Longganisa (P 160)

I had this whole breakfast theme going on in my head so I chose their Chicken Longganisa. It came with garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg, and atchara. This was just okay too.

Flat White (P 105)
Flat White (P 105)

Just to go with my chosen theme, I ordered their flat white. Sad to say, it was milky. I could have easily labeled it as a latte than what it really was. And my cup kinda looks sad.

2nd Visit
Okay. So I know this café is famous for their awesome 3D latte art. My friends kept on showing me photos on Instagram of their creations. I had to go back. And on a Friday night, this place was surprisingly vacant.
We were fortunate to be seated beside this wall with caricatures. You can actually write on the speech/thought bubbles.

Chicken Adobo (P 180)
Chicken Adobo (P 180)

Only one of us ate and had their Chicken Adobo. And this was good. Serving was a bit small for the price but taste was a-okay.

We were told that they could only do 3D art on cappuccino. Priced at P99 for the regular cup (P120 for the large one), we all ordered it and requested our 3D latte creations.

Bear (my cup :) )
Bear (my cup)

In a way, this place redeemed itself. Coffee choices are affordable though I find the prices of their dishes expensive. I especially liked how one could request the type of 3D latte art you would want. Just name it and the barista will try to do it. Indeed, this café charmed my heart on my 2nd visit.

And oh, I know you’re not supposed to play with food but I couldn’t help it! I had to do this…

G/F Liberty Plaza,
102 HV Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Official website:


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