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Recipes by Café Metro is one of my family’s go-to restos every Sunday. It has always been a personal fave of mine and have recommended friends to eat here when it was still new. Back then, I knew I would be seeing more branches in the metro. Below are some of their bestselling dishes that I never get tired of eating.

Thai Spring Rolls (P 138)
Thai Spring Rolls (P 138)

It’s always good to start off with their Thai Spring Rolls. Fried just right, dip it in the sweet chili sauce, and the vermicelli noodles and veggies inside come to life.

Crispy Tilapia (P 218)
Crispy Tilapia (P 218)

It’s amazing how they were able to debone this to the point that almost no fish meat was left on the body. I also like how it’s presented. The fillets were stacked on top of the fish. Indeed, this was very crispy. Too crispy for my liking as I almost didn’t taste the fish fillet. Still good but I prefer to having some meat amidst all that crispiness.

Gising Gising (P 178)
Gising Gising (P 178)

I really like their Gising Gising. It has the right level of spiciness that you could still eat it on its own (which I did multiple times). This one had bits of pork meat and was a little creamy. Put this on top of warm plain rice and you’re good to go.

General's Chicken (P 218)
General’s Chicken (P 218)

This is my absolute favorite dish of theirs. Their special sweet & spicy sauce indeed makes this special. The chicken fillets were a little overcooked but it was still very yummy. Yes, I’m a bit biased because that’s how much I love this dish. To prove my love for this, I even ate the eggplants (which I really don’t eat but this one changed my mind).

recipes_facadeThough I still prefer the branch over at my home turf (the servers know my family back there), having to experience dining at their other branches were okay. I do find that the food quality is inconsistent with some minimal changes but still good nonetheless.

So if you’re family or friends are craving for some good Asian cuisine, let Recipes by Café Metro be your go-to place.

2/F Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Official website:


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