Set your heart on Chocolate Fire

cf_flowerLet’s set your heart on fire shall we? Err…I meant your tummies. Seriously, I bet your tummies will be blazing once you set foot on this place. This is one of my fave cafés as they not only serve good food but also has a good selection of chocolates. For today, I won’t be featuring that but more on their palatable dishes.

cf_fountaincf_ceilingcf_insideFor me, what stands out from the décor is their red and white plastic chairs coupled with red and white lighting. They have wooden accents such as the fence that separates the chocolate bar (I would like to label it as such) from the dining area. They even have plush black leather couches that gives this place a casual yet classy vibe. This place really comes alive at night where the lighting takes centerstage, and makes this a romantic getaway.

Chocolate Panini Toastie (P 250)
Chocolate Panini Toastie (P 250)

I was supposed to get dessert and I ended up with this: Chocolate Panini Toastie. You can choose from either milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate as the filling. It’s a no-brainer that I would choose dark chocolate as I really love it. And yes, every bite was heaven to me. They didn’t overdo the slabs of chocolate inside, and it was still warm when it was served. This came with a side of potato chips which balances out the sweetness of the panini. This really is more of a snack than a dessert, and can be shared by two people.

Latte (P 120)
Latte (P 120)

Their Latte was a good pair for my semi-sweet panini. It has the right amount of milk and espresso. Their latte art was not that bad too as I did feel loved by their coffee.

(P )
Mortadella (P 320)

My friend’s all-time fave grilled sandwich of theirs is Mortadella. Looks yummy just by looking at the photo right? The sandwich’s colorful layers really pop out so as its taste. The Mortadella cold sausage, emmenthal, mozarella, basil, olives, sundried tomato, and romaine go together so well that my friend simply has to have this whenever she’s here.

Pure Belgian Iced Chocolate (P 220)
Pure Belgian Iced Chocolate (P 220)

I had a sip of her Pure Belgian Iced Chocolate (dark kind) and boy was it GOOD. I normally have coffee here but next time, I’ll definitely order that.

cf_facadeDishes are quite pricey so as their chocolates. My fave probably has to be their dark chocolate with chili. It has that sweet tingling sensation in every bite.

So if you need a quick chocolate fix, be on a caffeine high, or just basically want to have a good time, let Chocolate Fire warm your tummies with its delicious treats.

Chocolate Fire
G/F PDCP Bank Center,
Leviste Street corner Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Official website:


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