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moto3This place has always intrigued me ever since it was on soft opening. And when I heard that it was the best pizzeria in New York City, I had to try it. I’m not one to pass up on such good food so I grabbed my friends along so we could all try a slice.
moto1moto2moto_lightsThe place is really neat and quite eccentric (but in a very good way). I was quite surprised that it was red inside. The lighting gives this eerie yet classy effect (if there’s such a combination of both). Once inside, you’ll be sitting on metal chairs, and dining on white marble tables. The latter really puts the food centerstage as it really pops from that kind of background. I especially liked their ceiling which was adorned with tin foiled tiles. It brightens the place up making it look grand yet very casual.


They offer set meals for two either for lunch or for dinner. Since it was lunch, we opted for this deal even though there were three of us. If there’s a deal such as that, might as well try it right?

(L-R) Classic Iced Tea (P 95), Crimson Berry Tea (P 95), and Passion Berry Tea (P 95)
(L-R) Classic Iced Tea (P 95), Passion Berry Tea (P 95), and Crimson Berry Tea (P 95)

We all tried the iced tea concoctions that they offered. Among the three, the Passion Berry Tea is my fave. The taste is just right and not too sweet. As for their Crimson Berry Tea, it was very sweet. This was my pick and regretted choosing it. When I had my first sip of it, I told myself that the next few gulps might change. But no, all I can taste was crimson berry sweetness. Their Classic Iced Tea was just okay. There really is an aftertaste of tea in it. I must say that the winner of the bunch is definitely their Passion Berry Tea.

Soppressata Piccante (P 585)
Soppressata Piccante (P 585)

There are two ways of eating a Neopolitan Pizza either by (1) folding it in the center or (2) using a fork and a knife. I chose the 1st option and was glad that I did. It’s like playing with your food but not really because you get to taste the whole pizza that way. For their Soppressata Piccante, which was supposed to be spicy, we requested to have the spiciness level adjusted. It was still a little fiery as the chili were literally placed on the side of the pizza (near the crust). My friends weren’t able to taste the spice since they opted for the 2nd way of eating. I tasted it immediately. I think we could’ve handled the supposed spicy level of this. I didn’t mind the leopard spotted crust. I actually liked its burnt taste.

Torta Al Cioccolato (P 250)
Torta Al Cioccolato (P 250)

The layers of this dessert is interesting. It goes from smooth (top layer) to rough (bottom layer). At first, it may seem rich and sweet but it actually isn’t. The cream on both sides acted as the sweetener of the bunch.

Tiramisu (P 250)
Tiramisu (P 250)

To be honest, I was surprised that the tiramisu was served in this manner. I was used to having it upright that seeing it this way is odd for me. I preferred this one rather than the other dessert just because of the espresso induced ladyfingers. I also liked that some of the ladyfingers were still crunchy.

moto5So, is this pizzeria worthy of the title as the best pizza around? YES. Yes to soupy pizzas and leopard spotted crusts! I admit that their dishes are quite pricey so I’m very glad that they have deals for lunch and dinner. In terms of other food choices, there’s just a few, and the bulk of it is their pizzas.

What are you waiting for? Get your tummies running for some very good Neopolitan style pizza at Motorino Pizza.

Motorino Pizza
3/F Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Official website:



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  1. They serve wine as part of a set meal? Cool.

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