Visiting the Local Edition hood

LE_neigbourThird wave coffee shops here in the Philippines are on the rise. And I bet, they’re here to stay. Some have adopted coffee beans sourced from other countries while some proudly support the local ones. True to its name, Local Edition delightfully waves its flag to invite coffee aficionados and tea enthusiasts to try some of our local goods. Let’s head on to their neighborhood!

LE_flagsLE_insideTheir place is quite small, and can probably seat up to less than 30 people (including the seats outside). It’s good as it makes for an intimate coffee/tea session. The flags on the ceiling gives a festive yet subdued vibe. I find it simply charming that they have potted plants on their order counter. It adds that splash of color in the café’s brown and white accents.

Flat White (P 155)
Flat White (Large – P 155)

I was in bad need of caffeine that night, and opted for their Flat White. Served in a paper cup and topped with an iced gem, it was a good blend of espresso and milk. Though I would have prefered for it to be served in a mug (as my friend and I dined there), I guess it doubles as a to-go cup in case one needs to rush someplace else. Also, the barista asked if I wanted this in regular or strong. Of course, I chose the latter. I really like how one could customize his/her coffee here.

Long Black (Regular - P 105)
Long Black (Regular – P 105)

According to my friend, their Long Black was a good one. I had a peek of their Perea Blend, and it sure was kinda dark. Tastewise, not much acidity there but it wasn’t bitter. According to her, still drinkable that doesn’t need any sugar or milk/cream.

Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P 180)
Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P 180)

This sandwich was a win for me! It wasn’t that gooey to the point that you wouldn’t be able to eat it. It’s the kind of grilled cheese sandwich that I wouldn’t get tired of eating.

Tablea Brownie (P 60)
Tablea Brownie (P 60)

At first, I found this brownie to be a bit hard. I had a hard time slicing it. I still prefer warm brownies that have this slight crusty layer. This didn’t have that. The plus for me on this was that it wasn’t sweet which was brought about by the chocolate tablea.

Caprese Pasta (P 180)
Caprese Pasta (P 180)


Beautifully layered with fresh tomatoes and kesong puti, this pasta dish was fresh, delicious, and very healthy. The serving was just right too. This was my friend’s pairing with her long black coffee so it does balance out in terms of flavor.

Great logo right?
Great logo right?

LE_facadeThough the placed closed early on a Friday night (around 8pm I think), it’s the kind of place where one grabs a quick snack and coffee/tea. I do think that the best time to go here would be on an afternoon where the day is starting to wind down. It’s perfect for those who want some alone time or have a coffee session with few close friends.

I have yet to try their tea and other pastries (I’m eyeing on their chocolate chip cookie) but I’ll definitely be swinging by this neighborhood soon. And yes, I’ll be proudly drinking my chosen cup.

Local Edition
116 Perea St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City
Official website:



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  1. 8pm closing time on a Friday night is too early! And I hope they would serve coffee in a coffee cup instead of paper cup to save paper. 🙂

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