How does a Sultan eat?

Seriously, how does a sultan eat? I expect them to have these grand luncheons with a plethora of food to fill their bellies. Whatever their heart wishes, they get. Then, they get on their magic carpet and sail the starry night sky away. Okay, I’m already thinking of Aladdin here. Kidding aside, sultans do dine in a grand way. And this reminds me of a little restaurant along San Agustin Street.

Labeled Sultan, does this restaurant live up to its name?

sultan_insideI’ve been working in Makati for many years now, and only found out about this place 2 years ago. It still dumbfounds me how I could have missed this. But its location is hidden from the main streets of Makati. Normally, this place would be packed with people during lunch time but on one Wednesday evening, only few customers were craving for some Mediterranean food.

Mango Yogurt Shake (P 85)
Mango Yogurt Shake (P 85)

You could really taste the yogurt in this shake which was a plus for me. The combination of both were right as the sweetness of the mango balanced out the sour yogurt taste.

Strawberry Yogurt Shake (P 85)
Strawberry Yogurt Shake (P 85)

This is their strawberry version of it. My friend liked it too.

Regular Chicken Kebab Plate (P 180)
Regular Chicken Kebab Plate (P 180)

It’s a no-brainer that I would choose a chicken dish. This comes with one seemingly lonely grilled half-tomato, salad, grilled chicken, and lots of rice. What I would normally do here is slather (almost to the point of drowning it really) the chicken with garlic sauce. You have the option of adding some spicy sauce in but for that night, I didn’t. This was grilled nicely with the meat still very tender. I can somehow taste the smoky feel which went well with the garlic sauce. For the price, this is indeed value for money.

sultan_facadeDid this resto live up to its name? In terms of food, yes. They do offer tasty dishes though I must admit, I’ve had better Mediterranean dishes. Other meals are a bit pricey but their regular kebab plates are worth it. As for the service, it was just okay. Servers didn’t smile. There was this one lady who seemed really snobby. I half-smiled at her, and she smiled back. A little scary but still, she smiled back. That counts right?

Anyway, food here is really good so I keep coming back. Though you won’t be dining like a sultan, your tummies will surely be filled with good Mediterranean food.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill
Unit 9 Valero Plaza Condominium, San Agustin St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


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