Experiencing freshness at Ba Noi’s

banois_lastNowadays, it’s hard to find restaurants that not only serve food that is fresh but also one that is healthy. I am still in constant search for restos that cater healthy and great food. But I always fall for getting those quick and affordable fastood (and sweets in between). On my quest, there’s this hole in the wall restaurant along Perea Street that captivated me with it’s bright red signage. With the caption “the fresh flavors of Vietnam”, is this the answer to my quest?

banois1banois2The interiors of the place has this outdoor casual feel with terracotta tiles, and wooden chairs and tables. Photos of Vietnam and instructions on how to eat certain dishes hung on the restaurant’s walls.

Goi Cuon (P 195)
Goi Cuon (P 195)

banois_springrollsThe way to go fresh and healthy is to get their fresh spring rolls. This consisted of pork, shrimp, lettuce, and vermicelli noodles wrapped in rice paper. It is served with very delicious peanut sauce. Though I think they overstuffed it with vermicelli noodles, it was still nice because the sauce was really good. I also liked the fact that we all had individual portions of our sauces and not just one big dipping bowl. And yes, this was very fresh, and a good way to start one’s Vietnamese cuisine journey.

Ca Kho To (P 250)
Ca Kho To (P 250)

Not a fan of catfish but this was okay. This was fried and simmered in caramel sauce. I was expecting it to be sweet but it was surprisingly not. It had a good and smooth texture that further enhanced the flavor of the fish.

Banh Xeo (P 250)
Banh Xeo (P 250)

banois_egg2Vietnam’s version of crepe, this had a generous amount of bean sprouts, and a couple of pork strips and shrimp. On its own, it has an interesting flavor. The bean sprouts still had that crunchy quality to it. Adding the sauce does make this savory.

Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong (P 230)
Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong (P 230)

banois_bowl2I loved this! I poured all the sauce in, mixed everything, took a bite, and was immensely satisfied. This had some fried spring rolls, grilled pork, lettuce, carrots, rice noodles, and peanut bits. I liked how fresh and tasty this dish was. It was very filling too.

My companions at that time opted for their pho. And their bestsellers are…

Pho Ga (P 230)
Pho Ga (P 230)

I wasn’t a fan of this though my friend liked it. The soup base was very light being that it’s chicken. Yeah, this is a good chicken noodle soup.

Pho Bo (P 260)
Pho Bo (P 260)

This I liked very much. The soup base was very comforting, and blended well with the herbs and spices mixed in. Will probably have this on my next visit 😛
banois_coffeesetVietnamese coffee should be mandatory when you’re in a Vietnamese restaurant. Okay, that’s just my rule but of course I had to try their coffee here. I always find it amusing to see the whole process come to life.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee (P 110)
Iced Vietnamese Coffee (P 110)

My friend got their iced coffee but the process is the same. You’re served with the mug topped with the coffee filter, condensed milk, and glass with ice.

banois_coffeefilterWe were curious as to what goes on inside the filter. Yeah, I was a tad disappointed to see minimal action there. It actually looks like tea. I’m not sure if our eyes were tricking us at that time but the ground coffee was very few.

banois_hotHad to take a sip of this. And it was strong! This robusta coffee brew was very bitter. No wonder condensed milk is being added.

banois_icedAfter mixing in the condensed milk, transfer the mixture in the glass with ice and tada! You have iced Vietnamese coffee. I had their hot version. Tasted the same 🙂

Banh Da Lon (P 135)
Banh Da Lon (P 135)

Even if you’re full, always have room for dessert. Well, I just had to try their Pandan Cake. And it was goooooddd! This was served warm with generous amount of coconut milk, and sprinkled with white sesame seeds. I liked how the sesame seeds added that roasty flavor in the cake. And the coconut milk added the smooth and creamy flavor in. When dining here, definitely make room for this.

banois_facadeTrue to its name, this does serve fresh and flavorful Vietnamese dishes. In terms of price, quite affordable given that their dishes are good for sharing. On a Friday night, this place does get packed and it’s no wonder why. With people craving for good quality dishes, Ba Noi’s is one restaurant that would really pass that mark. And yeah, this is one of the answers to my quest. 🙂

Ba Noi’s
Perea St., Dela Rosa St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaNois
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaNoisKitchen
Instagram: http://instagram.com/banoiskitchen



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  1. What do you call the medium sized green leaves in the pho? I avoid that because of the aftertaste. But I don’t know the not chinese term of that when I want it removed. 😐

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