Nothing compares to Ramen Yushoken

RY_facadeI’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Ramen Yushoken has the BEST RAMEN in the metro. And I’m glad that this is situated in the south.

Technically, my friend (a.k.a. Ramen Girl) and I were the first ones in the restaurant. But since it was still closed at that time, we decided to stroll around the area. When we got back at 11am, there were already customers inside. That’s how delicious the ramen is here. People would head early to get their fix of some ramen greatness. This is actually my 2nd time, and have been craving to get my 2nd serving ever since.

RY_lightsRY_counterRY_toysInteriors are very simple. True to Japanese fashion, it sticks with the minimalist aspect which makes one focus more on the ramen dining experience. I did notice that they have these toys and Japanese traditional dolls which adds a little fun to their interior.

Karaage (P 210)
Karaage (P 210)

This was just okay. The fried deboned chicken was cooked well. It was a good pair to our ramen choices.

Gyoza (P 150)
Gyoza (P 150)

Those 5 gyozas made us happy. It really did. It was perfectly golden fried with its edges having the right crisp to it. The dough was thin enough to highlight the ground meat and veggies inside. This was one savory pair that’s a must-try when dining here.

Tantan-Men (P 380)
Tantan-Men (P 380)

Ah…THE RAMEN. I was torn between choosing this and another ramen but I needed some fire that day. And fire I did get! The spiciness of this was tolerable for me that I finished the whole bowl. I was already getting the sniffles but I pushed on through. It was that good! It was very delicate yet bold that you would want more of it. The ramen noodles were cooked well (nearing on the hard side) that matched the 12-hour broth. If you’ve got a thing for spicy food, this one’s for you.

Shio (P 320)
Shio (P 320)

Ramen Girl opted for their Shio where one would really appreciate the taste of the broth. I had a sip of this, and it was GOOD. I’m no fan of pork fat but when I tasted the one in this, it just melted in my mouth. Literally, it did! It was smooth to the taste. This ramen indeed is a must-try for first-timers in this place.

RY_insideI told you the place was packed. And this was at around 12pm. Even on a weekday, people would line up for some ridiculously delicious ramen. With every bowl that they serve, you know that they’ve put extra care and love in handling it. And it shows in the flavor.

Really, nothing compares to this ramen place. So head on here to taste some ramen greatness! 😛

Ramen Yushoken
Molito, Madrigal Avenue,
Muntinlupa City


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