Let’s live hapILLY!

illy“Life is too short to be anything but happy.”

Therefore, live hapILLY! Yes, sometimes the stresses of life can bring one down. You can’t help but be all sad and lethargic. One good way of destressing, aside from eating, is traveling! Yeah, the hungry employee travels. I do travel from time to time as a quick escape from it all. It’s also nice to explore and immerse oneself in the destination’s culture. If you’re going local, you’ve probably stumbled upon Espressamente Illy at the departure area of NAIA Terminal 3.

illy1illy2One can’t miss the shiny metal kiosk of this coffee chain. They only have ample seats at the corner which mainly consists of wooden tables and plush couches.

Cappuccino (Mezzo: P 160)
Cappuccino (Mezzo: P 160)

I find this too milky for me. I was looking for more espresso on this. I did like that it was served at the right temperature. I had no trouble sipping the brew right away. Also, the cup is really nice. It was specifically designed to have an inner additional layer at the middle as I was able to hold it sans any coffee cup sleeve.

Tuna Pandesal (P 120)
Tuna Pandesal (P 120)

illy_pandesal1illy_pandesal_insideDecided to pair my cup with their tuna pandesal. This was just okay. I was looking for more tuna but all I got was bits of it with a chunk of cheese.

Though I wasn’t fully satisfied with my choices, my friend was. She had…

Caffe Latte (Mezzo: P 160)
Caffe Latte (Mezzo: P 160)
Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich

So if you’re going on a local trip either for pleasure or for business, I’d still recommend this café as a quick stop. It’s one of those places where you can still relax before heading to your flight. 🙂

Espressamente Illy
NAIA Terminal 3,
Domestic Airport, Pasay City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EspressamenteillyPhilippines


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