The Mango Bongbong Nail Spa Cafe Experience

MBNSC_bath2You got that right! I went all the way to Cebu to get my nails done. And yes, I’m lying. It just so happens that this place was near our resort that it was too cute for me not to check it out.

MBNSC1MBNSC2MBNSC4MBNSC3MBNSC6MBNSC5MBNSC7MBNSC_bathroomThe design is eclectically Korean with all the cute furnishings. It all made up for a coordinated mix that felt right for this nail spa café. I found it amusing that they have this makeshift lamp inside their bathroom. Beside that lamp, there’s this owl photo with the caption “I’m aLIVE!”. Eerie in a cute way 😉

Mango Sandwich (P 195)
Mango Sandwich (P 195)

MBNSC_sandwich2Before I got my nails done, I gotta eat first. One of the ladies there, who I believe was one of the owners, recommended their Mango Sandwich. And I’m glad I followed her recommendation. It was good! I didn’t expect the sandwich to be that filled. This consisted of egg, ham, cheese, mango and generous amounts of lettuce. I liked the addition of mango as it added this sweet taste to the sandwich. Very tasty! Also, the waxing paper that holds the sandwich was very cute. 🙂

MBNSC_nailsOn to the nail spa experience! To be honest, this is my 2nd time having my nails professionally done. And it’s been awhile since I last applied coat on my nails. Whenever I do it, it always ends up looking messy. That’s why I look up to people who can do it with much ease. I was observing how this guy did mine which was very precise and clean. And the result…


TADA! Since I got a discount card from the Tree Shade Spa, this only cost me P300 (original price: P600). 🙂

MBNSC_facadeThis place is quite far from the city but the service was good. The price of the food is a bit pricey. I’m not totally sure what the going rate is for a manicure but my friend said it was pretty cheap as compared to the prices in Manila. Still, this is a good place to drop by and experience the cuteness of it all (food, nail spa and ambiance combined).

Mango Bongbong Nail Spa Cafe (or Paul’s Cafe in Cebu)
Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu


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