A Taste of CnT Lechon

cnt2Yeah…I planned to give myself a heart attack here. Yes, another lechon post! I’ve heard good things about this place so I wanted to see if this would beat my Zubuchon experience.

cnt4cnt3cnt6Yay for artsy photos! Not really. I apologize if the photos are a bit blurry or hazy. I only use my trusty iPhone in capturing moments like these. But if you’re able to see it, the set-up of this restaurant is very simple with the rest of the dishes laid out in front. It mimics that of a canteen where one could point out his/her delights. They also have a huge space so I could just imagine how packed this place is during the weekend.


To balance the hearty lechon, we paired it with their chopsuey. This was good. I like the sauce, and it really tastes well especially when you mix it with rice.


Lechon (1/4 kilo: P 120)
Lechon (1/4 kilo: P 120)

That lady did some good chopping! This ¼ kilo of lechon was just apt for me and my friend. True to Cebu lechons out there, this didn’t need any sauce. The pork meat was very tender, and the skin was quite crispy.

cnt_facadeNow the question is, did this beat my Zubuchon experience? I’d have to say no. I still like how flavorful the other one was as compared to this one. On the other hand, my friend liked this over Zubuchon’s. I guess it’s really just a matter of preference in terms of taste. Still, I would go back for some CnT Lechon. Ambience may not be that good but the prices get two thumbs up from me. It’s really affordable!

So if you’re around Cebu, do have a taste of CnT Lechon, and get your heart pumping for some affordable and quality dishes.

CnT Lechon
Jose L. Briones St,
North Reclamation Area,
Cebu City


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