Saved by Starbucks Reserve

SR_RI was in bad need of caffeine that day. You see, I came up with this brilliant plan to cut down on my coffee intake. I felt that my daily brew was losing its effect, hence, the need to lower it. BIG MISTAKE. 3 days in, and I was showing signs of caffeine separation anxiety. I don’t know if that really is a thing but if you’re grumpy in the morning, and catching yourself yawn a lot, then those probably are the signs. So, I decided to ditch my plan, check out this place with my colleagues, and be saved by Starbucks Reserve.

SR_4SR_2SR_1SR_3SR_5What makes this place different from other Starbucks Coffee branches? For one, the interiors are very sleek. As compared to the other branches that have this casual feel, this one just feels lustrous with the velvety chairs and fine woodworks. The high ceiling really opens the place up, and makes it look bright on the inside.

SR_cloverOn top of the usual Starbucks choices, Starbucks Reserve offers their exotic, rare and exquisite coffee beans that is brewed using the Clover machine. The said machine is the first in the country, and is exclusive to this branch (at the moment I think). Want to see how it works? See it in action HERE. 🙂

Peru Chonti (Tall: P 130)
Peru Chonti (Tall: P 130)

SR_cupSR_peruI decided to try their Peru Chonti brew which is supposed to have some hazelnut and chocolate notes in it. The aroma was delicious and simply divine (forgive me, it has been days since I had a sip). As for the taste, it does have chocolate notes though it was lacking in the hazelnut area. It was quite acidic that was just right to perk me up throughout the day.

Carrot Muffin (P 95)
Carrot Muffin (P 95)

I paired my cup with their carrot muffin. This could easily be mistaken for a cupcake with the generous amount of frosting. The taste was just right. It wasn’t that sweet which went well with my brew.

SR_doorSince this was near my office, it looks like this one will become a weekly habit for me. Aside from its lovely ambience, the baristas were very friendly in assisting its avid customers. This place is perfect in holding meetings or having intimate conversations coupled with a good brew and a delectable pastry.

Starbucks Reserve
Signa Designer Residences,
VA Rufino St. cor. Valero St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Official website:


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