Say hello to Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

gino1Craving for some delicious pizza? Then head over at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, and say hello to their scrumptious slices.

gino2gino3gino4Shining at this small alley is this restaurant’s red signage. Inside, one gets this warm feeling with its cozy interiors. Wooden accents and red brick colored details adorn this restaurant that adds to that feeling. The triangle enclosures on their light fixtures were a nice addition to their ceiling.

Four Cheese (P 340)
Four Cheese (P 340)

gino_pizza2What can I say about their Neapolitan pizza? It’s GOOD. We chose Four Cheese Pizza which consisted of tomato sauce, mozarella, ricotta, blue cheese and parmesan. You can see pockets of those cheeses swimming in the tomato sauce. I really like their pizza dough as it wasn’t heavy. It feels airy in a brick oven sense and thus, feels somehow light.

gino_sauceIf you want to add some sweet and spicy kick to your slice, their signature spicy honey is a must-try. I slathered mine with this one, and got that much needed kick. It may come off as sweet but you’ll eventually feel the soft burn after. Really nice! 😛

Bacon Sausage (P 215)
Bacon Sausage (P 215)

We paired our pizza with their Bacon Sausage pasta. Not much of a cream-based pasta fan here but when I taste one that is good, I do rave about it. Unfortunately, this one was just okay. There were generous amounts of bacon and homemade sausage but I found this to be a bit dry.

Nutella Soup (P 180)
Nutella Soup (P 180)

I absolutely love Nutella, and just had to try this. It was served warm, and the “nutella soup” was placed in their pizza dough bowl. Pistachio nuts happily floated in the soup. Though the concept was good, the actual taste wasn’t. I could’ve easily done this at home with an ordinary bread. But hey, their dough was really good so I wouldn’t mind having this again on my next visit.

gino5Though most of our chosen dishes weren’t that astounding, I must say that their pizza was. And it’s no surprise that this place gets filled up with hungry customers during lunch hour. Price range is okay for their quality of food. Service was just okay too (had a not-so-good experience on my 2nd visit). But would I still go back and say hello? Yes. Pizza was really good. This is one good place to hang out and have fun conversations with your buddies.

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza
Bautista St. cor. Tordesillas St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


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