Get your Wildflour on!

WFLooking for a cool and groovy place to hang out after a busy night? Look no further, and head on to Wildflour to chill the night away!

WF2WF4WF5With its casual and modern vibe, one would get an indie feel upon stepping foot on this cool restaurant. Their kitchen is quite open yet you wouldn’t feel the rush going on there. As you can see in the photo, this place does get packed with budding customers wanting to try their much raved about dishes.

WF3We were served with complimentary bread and butter, and unlimited water. The service here was so good that I didn’t pour the water from that bottle despite of it just being at our table. The server would always hurry at our table just to pour the water when our glasses would be empty. Talk about being super attentive (and possessive of the bottle)! 😀

Baby Mixed Green Salad (P 330)
Baby Mixed Green Salad (P 330)

As our starter, we had this salad which contained mangoes, candied walnuts and goat cheese. Though I found the candied walnuts to be a bit hard, mixing this all in with the other ingredients was pure healthy bliss for me. It had sweet notes, which was probably due to the mangoes and candied walnuts, that I really liked.

Spaghetti (P 450)
Spaghetti (P 450)

Not totally sure about the name but yeah, it’s labeled as such. But behind its simple name lies a bounty of flavor that includes chorizo pamplona, prawns, clams and garlic butter. The chorizo brought about that mild spice in the dish that made it really flavorful. For its price, it didn’t scrimp on the prawn and clam portions. This all makes for one yummy pasta! 😛

Carrot Cake (P 210)
Carrot Cake (P 210)

WF_CC2WF_CC3Of course we had to have room for dessert. That’s actually what we really came here for. Just look at that beaut! Though this one had raisins (had to take it all out since I couldn’t stand it), this was just delicious. It was a bit dense, and packed with all the carrot rush one needs for the night. It also had walnut bits which made the flavor all the more interesting. The layers itself wasn’t that sweet. The cream cheese frosting was the one that gave the much needed sugar in the dessert. I really wouldn’t mind having this one again (even if it takes me awhile to get all the raisins out). 😛

Latte (P 130)
Latte (P 130)

Even though Toby’s Estate was a few walks away, their coffee does stand a chance. Decided to pair the cake with their latte which was a good choice. It made for one bittersweet (coffee-cake…get it? Hahaha. I’m-really-corny-so-please-forgive-me) combo. 🙂

WF6Overall, dining experience here was really good. Dishes are quite pricey but you do pay for not only the great food but also for their very attentive service. Plus, you get to take home amazing pastries that are laid out on their very open counter.

So put your worries aside, head on to this café + bakery joint, and get your Wildflour on!

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
G/F V Corporate Center, 125 L.P Leviste St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


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