Yugoslavian dinner experience at Balkan

balkan1Let’s see…we’ve got Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, American, Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Thai, Singaporean and Mediterranean dishes strewn across the metro. Did I miss out on anything? I probably did. But, have you heard of Yugoslavian dishes? Yep, I didn’t know it either, and absolutely had no expectations when I went here. I was ready to be surprised.

balkan3balkan4balkan2The place was quite spacious with much emphasis on the use of wood as its furniture. Some walls were painted brick red that matches the cushion of the seats and table runners. I liked the black and white photos, which were probably images from Yugoslavia, and this somewhat Aztec-inspired design on the ceiling.

Sarma (P 280)
Sarma (P 280)

balkan_4By choosing this, my friend and I were trying to be healthy. But when this was served, all notions of being healthy were thrown out of the window! This pickled cabbage roll contains ground beef with some spices, and served with mashed potato on the side. This was good though I found it be a bit salty after a few more bites. Good thing the mashed potato was there to sort of flush out the salty taste.

Chicken Kebab (P 340)
Chicken Kebab (P 340)

balkan_6Who would say no to bacon? Not me! Their version of a chicken kebab was to have the chicken slightly filled with cheese, and wrapped with smoked bacon. This was paired with some fries that were crunchy when served. I must say that the bacon was the highlight for me as its smokiness brought about the flavor of the chicken.

Stuffed Pljeskavica (P 330)
Stuffed Pljeskavica (P 330)

balkan_5Every dish seemed to have cheese in it. Or maybe, it was just me. This ground beef steak was filled with that oozing mozarella cheese. I’m not a fan of beef but this one was a homerun for me. The beef was so tender that it just glides through one’s mouth. The cheese inside was a really nice addition. Laid down on a bed of rice, this is a must-try for first timers of this resto.

balkanI therefore conclude that Yugoslavian dishes serve meat right. Most of the items in their menu mainly consist of meat. They were hardly any seafood dishes. Their meals are perfect with a glass of red wine or cold beer. Fairly priced given the big serving they have, this is one good place to chill the night away.

Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking
G/F Maripola Bldg., 109 Perea St. cor.
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BalkanResto


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