Lunch stopover at Rowena’s Cafe

RC3As my parents and I were searching for a place to have lunch, this café suddenly popped in my head. We’ve always dropped by for their pastries but I’ve always wondered how their dishes fared. On to this stopover then!

RC9RC2RC1RC4RC8RC7RC5RC6The place feels very homey, and was well ventilated with that high ceiling and ceiling fans. You can even dine al fresco overlooking their pool. Yup, they have a pool. They even have a mini-chapel which I found to be very hot inside yet somewhat cozy; nice place to reflect, and gather one’s thoughts.

RC_chipsWe were served with these crunchy kamote chips. It was gone in an instant as there were only few pieces served.

Calamares (P 210)
Calamares (P 210)

I was not a fan of this as I find the breading to be too thick that the squid got lost. Didn’t even dared to have it with the dip as I only had one piece.

Rowena's Garlic Daing na Bangus (P 360)
Rowena’s Garlic Daing na Bangus (P 360)

The plating was nice but I just find this too dry and ordinary. Not sure if the toppings above were supposed to add flavor but in my opinion, they were only there to add color to the dish.

Rowena's Chicken BBQ (P 210)
Rowena’s Chicken BBQ (P 210)

This was okay. You can’t go wrong with bbq but again, nothing outstanding about this one. But among the bunch, this was the dish that I would more or less like.

Rowena's Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Miso (P 330)
Rowena’s Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Miso (P 330)

Yeah, had to look for the ingredients on this one as it all seemed to have drowned in the soup. It was quite sour in an ordinary sense.

Blueberry Cheese Tart (P 40)
Blueberry Cheese Tart (P 40)
Strawberry Cheese Tart (P 40)
Strawberry Cheese Tart (P 40)

Of course we had to try their tarts for dessert. It’ll probably be the saving grace of the whole dining experience. I preferred the blueberry one than the strawberry just because the latter lacked in the berries part. It was a bit creamy though the texture of the crust wasn’t that crusty. Probably because this is of the chilled type. Still liked it though.

Irish Creme Cappuccino (8oz: P 95)
Irish Creme Cappuccino (8oz: P 95)

Nice smile on the coffee but this was too sweet for me. I had to add water in just to balance the flavor out.

Despite of a lackluster lunch, the day can still be saved by heading on to their shop that sells not only of their pastries but a bounty of other Batangas goods.

RC14RC12RC13RC15RC11RC16RC17Servers were attentive to their customers but I wish they’d improve more on their dishes. I find it overpriced as I would be able to get those dishes at a lower price on a good level of taste. I wouldn’t recommend this for a lunch stopover but would endorse it for a quick one at their shop. Their tarts are a must try that has gained fans over the years.

Rowena’s Cafe
152 Santa Rosa Road, Francisco,
Tagaytay City
Official website:


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