Feelin’ lucky at the Red Table

RTAh…lucky number 13! Yup, calling this a lucky number. I don’t know whoever deemed this number unlucky. I mean, it’s just a number that anyone should not be afraid of. When I got this number at this resto, it was all pure luck for me as I got to taste good Korean food.

RT1RT3RT5RT4Located at RCBC Plaza, the interiors of this place are very simple with yellow and red chairs, few wall decors, and brown tables. Yup, no red tables here. Kinda ironic isn’t it but I think it would have been overkill if they did have red tables. What I liked about this place is that they serve Korean ice cream. Just look at the stocks of Binggrae snacks there! 😛

Chicken Bibimbap in sizzling hot stone (P 170)
Chicken Bibimbap in sizzling hot stone (P 170)

This dish looked very alive with its vibrant colors of green, orange, yellow and white. And I could say the same thing about its taste. I opted for the nonspicy kind for me to fully taste this. I also had to mix it in quickly while the stone bowl was still hot. The taste was very flavorful with slight sweet hints. This was served with some soup and kimchi.

Below are the dishes that my colleagues had for that night. 🙂

Yeontan Samgyeop (P 165)
Yeontan Samgyeop (P 165)

RT_1RT6With Korean grocery stores popping everywhere, it’s nice that there are Korean restos that serve up good and affordable dishes. Apt for meetings and casual talks, one would definitely feel lucky dining here.

Red Table
3/F RCBC Plaza,
Ayala Avenue, Makati City


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