The airplane food aftermath: Wang Cafe

wang_signageIt was an interesting flight going to Singapore. Instead of the usual 3 ½ hr flight, we “opted” for the 5 hour one. You could very well say that I was tired but more on that on my next post (more apt for that really). So, the airplane food really didn’t fare well. Or maybe my tummy wasn’t just up for some food up in the clouds. Good thing that this orange signage saved me and my parents from impending hunger.

wang1The place seemed to never run out of diners going in and out. Most who dined were locals who still prefer their own dishes rather than the neighboring Western fastfood chains. As we finally got to have a clean table, we prepped ourselves for some Singaporean dishes.

Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak

wang_nasi2I know this isn’t exactly a local dish but I couldn’t help but wonder what’s inside that pyramid. I mean, I know it’s that dish but still, I wondered how it looked like. It did look unappetizing, and it did tasted plain without the sauce. But when I added the sauce in, that’s when the “party” started. I liked how it tasted sweet at first and then boom! The spice starts to kick in. I would’ve preferred if there was less of the rice, and more of the anchovies, peanuts and sauce.

Milo Dinosaur (S$ 3.30)
Milo Dinosaur (S$ 3.30)

Ah…Milo Dinosaur. It’s just plain cold Milo drink with the powder on top but hey, I liked it. And yes, I’m very biased ‘coz I like Milo.

Below are the dishes that my parents had.

Mee Soto Set (S$ 6.80) comes with Kaya toast and Teh
Mee Soto Set (S$ 6.80)
comes with Kaya toast and Teh
Kaya toast
Curry Chicken Set (S$ 6.90) comes with your choice of rice or bread and Teh
Curry Chicken Set (S$ 6.90)
comes with your choice of rice or bread and Teh


Teh (Hot-Small: S$ 1.70)
Teh (Hot-Small: S$ 1.70)

wang2Overall, it was a nice late lunch for the three of us. Among the choices at that terminal, that one seemed to be the most comforting and packed with people. Any place with people is a good choice right? And I believe we made the right choice.

Wang Cafe
80 Airport Boulevard,
Changi Airport Terminal 1,
#01-02, Singapore
Official website:
Wang Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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