I really really Just Want Coffee

JWC_CCWho ran at the Hong Kong International Airport only to be left by the plane? ME. And my parents. Yep, we got left by the plane. You see, we got these tickets way back in February: Manila to Hong Kong then to Singapore. 5-hour flight. Yeah…we got it because of the airline too. Can’t pass up on a good Cathay Pacific deal! The thing was, our flight in Manila got delayed because of air traffic, and there were so many people at the transfer passenger area. 15 minutes before the transfer flight and I knew, I had to run. With only few hours of sleep (or lack thereof ‘coz this was after my shift at work), I mustered up all my energy and ran as fast as I could. It really was an adrenaline rush. When we got to Singapore, I only had a few minutes of sleep because I had to meet my friend. At that point in time, I really really JUST WANT COFFEE.
JWC_5JWC1JWC_3JWC_2JWC_4Long introduction, yeah? Sorry about that. I was just super tired and stressed that time. When I got here, it all slipped away. Situated in this quiet HDB, this cozy café loosened me up with its simple interiors and relaxed vibe. I was fond of this bookshelf that housed not only books but other items such as the water pitcher.

Handcrafted coffee: Guatemala-Syphon (S$ 7.70)
Handcrafted coffee: Guatemala-Syphon (S$ 7.70)

JWC_teacupThis had hints of apricot and spice but really more on the chocolate. I guess it’s because I requested for it to be full-bodied as I needed some intense coffee that afternoon. It worked as I enjoyed every sip in my fancy teacup.

Tiramisu (S$ 7.00)
Tiramisu (S$ 7.00)

Did I tell you I was really lacking sleep? I think I was having mini-hallucinations that time too. Scary! So yeah, needed to have a dessert that has coffee in it too. Though this one had more of the liquor. We were advised that it would contain much of the latter. But that was fine with me. It was creamy with that lingering liquory aftertaste.

Banana Chocolate Praline (S$ 6.00)
Banana Chocolate Praline (S$ 6.00)

My friend chose this cake which according to him was very good. It looks sweet but everything was just balanced. I had a taste of this, and liked it too.

JWCThis place is ideal for intimate conversations or if you want to be alone in a semi-secluded place. It was just so quiet and peaceful away from the bustling city. If I were living here, this would be my go-to place every week. You’d catch me either typing away or engrossed reading a book. And of course, there’d be a teacup on my side because well, I really really just want coffee.

Just Want Coffee
Blk 1 Everton Park #01-27, Singapore
Official website: http://justwant.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JWCEverton
Instagram: http://instagram.com/JWCeverton
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  1. Great blog! Looking forward to more of your adventures! 🙂

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