What’s cookin’ at The Asian Kitchen?

TAKWok, chopsticks, and dashes of spices…what does these amount to? Some Asian Kitchen goodness!
TAK1This wasn’t my first time here. One of my good friends introduced me here so it was my turn to introduce it to my parents. What stuck to me about their interiors were the red details that really stood out from the seemingly black canvas. At first, I thought that the lighting would be too dark but it was just right for one to still dine in well.

Fried Rice with Egg (S$ 6.50)
Fried Rice with Egg (S$ 6.50)

This fried rice was simple enough to be paired with our flavorful dishes.

Sambal Season Beans (S$ 6.90)
Sambal Season Beans (S$ 6.90)

Those beans sure were packed with spice! It must have been the sambal sauce that made it sweet at first then the spicy punched its way in. This was still a bit crunchy which I liked. I also liked the level of spiciness because I was still able to eat it on its own.

Lightly-Cooked Fish Slices in Soy Sauce (S$ 9.50)
Lightly-Cooked Fish Slices in Soy Sauce (S$ 9.50)

This dish was indeed light with those thinly sliced fish fillets. It was a good balance to the beans, and to our next chosen dish.

Black Pepper Garlic Beef (S$ 7.80)
Black Pepper Garlic Beef (S$ 7.80)

I had this the first time I was here, and I just had to have it again. It was that good! The beef was thinly sliced that made it so tender. And don’t get me started on how it was seasoned. Perfect in my opinion! One could taste the combination of black pepper and garlic but I really tasted more of the former (which was very okay by me). If I drop by here again, I’ll be ordering this for sure. 😛

TAK_1Whatever was cookin’ at this kitchen, it sure fared well not just for me but for the other diners too. The dishes are filled with good Asian influences that make people (including me) come back for more.

The Asian Kitchen
1 Harbourfront Walk,
#B2-29, Vivo City, Singapore
Official website: http://www.theasiankitchen.com.sg/m/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Asian-Kitchen/100633230006422


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