The Original Wee Nam Kee Dining Experience

WNK1Might as well dine here to experience the buzz around their Hainanese Chicken Rice. Though there are several branches of this in Manila (first branch HERE), I had to experience the origin of it all. So how did this compare? Were the branches in Manila up to par with the original one?

WNK2WNK4WNK5WNK3At lunch hour on a Sunday, this place was packed. And there were people outside waiting to be seated. I guess it has become one of those places where locals could get their dose of comfort Singaporean dishes. There were foreigners too (count me in!) gearing up for their famous chicken rice. I noticed that they served hand wipes here. Yeah, had to note that ‘coz my first dining experience in their Makati branch didn’t had this. The usual sauces and garnishes were placed at this metal tray. I only had a slight problem with the container of the dark soy sauce. I wish they placed it in the same container that holds the garlic and the chilli. Something must be said about the garlic mixture too. It was indeed very garlicky. I placed too much on my sauce concoction that was good enough to ward off vampires away!

WNK_SOUPWe were first served with complimentary soup that was a good starter for all our dishes that time.

Deep Fried Prawn Roll (S$ 8.00)
Deep Fried Prawn Roll (S$ 8.00)

We were supposed to get Cereal Prawns but I guess the lady heard me wrong. 😦 This was still good though. Nice crispy outer layer that packs up all the prawn goodness inside. Dip it in some sweet & spicy sauce for added flavor.

Sambal Kangkong (S$ 8.00)
Sambal Kangkong (S$ 8.00)

Didn’t expect that little spice kick to come through! But this was good and tasty. Good balance and best to pair with their chicken rice.

Fragrant Rice (S$ 2.40)
Fragrant Rice (S$ 0.80)

Normally, I would get two cups of this but this was just okay. Nearing on the bland side but not quite so. Not sure if the recipe in the Philippines was tweaked in order to tailorfit to the Filipino tongue. The latter is more flavorful that yeah, 2 cups was enough for me. But this was still okay.

Roasted Chicken-Half (S$ 16.00)
Roasted Chicken-Half (S$ 16.00)


Good roasting on this one! The chicken was quite tender. I still prefer the roasted kind of chicken than the other one. I find the flavor to be more intense that way.

Barley (S$ 2.60)
Barley (S$ 2.60)

This was one refreshing drink to cleanse one’s palate.


Overall, the dining experience was good. My expected standouts didn’t exactly stood out but this was still a good experience. Maybe I’ve become accustomed to the one in Manila that this is what it’s supposed to actually taste.

I know there are lots of chicken rice outlets, and even a bit old history on this one (read it all HERE). So many “nam kees”, so little time! Makes one wonder, me specifically, how the others fared to this one. On to the next “nam kee” then! 🙂

Wee Nam Kee
101 Thomson Road,
#01-08 United Square, Singapore
Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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