Removing the Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken evidence

nando3Let’s go through our eating utensils shall we?

Fork? Check! Knife? Check! Spoon? Check! Now, it really was time to clean up the crime scene…err…plates. 🙂

nando5nando1nando2The place had this outdoorsy feel inside. Maybe it’s because of the roughed up wooden details. I liked the paintings and pieces that adorn the area. It adds this somewhat artsy vibe to the resto.

nando4Wasn’t able to list down all the sauce they offered but boy there were a lot! It’s really up to the diner on the level of heat he/she wants. That’s big plus for this restaurant.

Butterfly Chicken Breast-Lemon & Herb PERi-PERI (S$ 13.90)
Butterfly Chicken Breast-Lemon & Herb PERi-PERI (S$ 13.90)

Absolutely no heat on this one, hence, the pinned on title for it. The chicken was grilled well while still maintaining the juiciness inside. Though the flavor didn’t fully sink in, good thing the sauce was there to add more flavor in.

Butterfly Chicken Breast-Mild PERi-PERI (S$ 13.90)
Butterfly Chicken Breast-Mild PERi-PERI (S$ 13.90)

Getting a little braver here with this choice. But yeah, it only tickled our tastebuds. Had to douse my chicken slice with sauce to add some heat.

Mediterranean Rice (Regular: S$ 2.90)
Mediterranean Rice (Regular: S$ 2.90)

I had a different view of what a Mediterranean rice should look like so I was surprised when we got this. It was so plain-looking. But when I got a bite, wow. The rice was very smooth and flavorful. Again, it was smooth. I cannot fathom how that was so. Good side dish to pair with the chicken.

Spinach (S$ 3.90)
Spinach (S$ 3.90)

This didn’t win for me. It was tangy.

Sweet Potato Mash (S$ 3.90)
Sweet Potato Mash (S$ 3.90)

Should really have gotten more of this. I love sweet potato, and this side dish did it right. It was slightly sweet that could be a good balance for those who’ll opt for their extra hot PERi-PERi chicken.


To be honest, I enjoyed the side dishes more than the main ones. Or maybe I should have been bolder about my chicken choices. I think I could’ve handled the really spicy one. Still, our plates were still quite clean after. I guess we did succeed in removing all the evidence. 🙂

#01-85/87, Bugis Junction 200,
Victoria Street, Singapore
Official website:
Nando's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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