What’s your Chocolate Origin?

coSo, what was my origin for this one? I remember picking out my outfit for that day. I remember trying to be on my best behavior. I remember trying to be really careful because I have this tendency to be clumsy. I was already succeeding when it finally came to this stop. I don’t know how many spoonfuls of lava cake I already got when the gooey choco spilled on my red cardigan. Just great! Yeah, that was my Chocolate Origin. 🙂

co2The place was more of a take-out counter with a long common table at a corner for those who want to dine in. I liked how the interior matched their logo. The orange letters really pop out. Their menu is also very straightforward. It’s either you have the handmade cake, which is available in original or dark, or the cuppa lava cake. I already tried their lava cake before, which caused that slight mess, and had to have it again. Minus the mess this time 🙂

Cuppa Lava Cake (S$ 5.00)

Just look at the middle. That warm chocolate lava just wants to come out! Beneath the chocolate cake lies some cold vanilla ice cream. Best to eat it together to get this warm and cold battle on your mouth. Served in a cute cup, the taste wasn’t that sweet. One could easily finish it right away without that lingering sweet aftertaste.

co1Gotta agree with this one. It’s good to indulge in this sweet treat once in a while. And yes, once you have a bite of this, your heart will get stolen. I know mine did. 😉

Chocolate Origin
230 Victoria Street,
#B1-01/02 Singapore
Official website: http://www.chocolate-origin.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chocolateorigin
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chocolateorigin/

Chocolate Origin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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