5 Reasons Why I Love the looloo App

loolooEver since I came back to blogging, I decided to use this app that was highly recommended by my friends. Being a foodie, this app further ignited my love for food. Aside from restaurants, this app also lets me explore establishments such as spas, hotels, and salons all over the Philippines. I also get to submit my reviews to places I’ve been to. Pinoy pride on this one!

looloo really rocks, and below are the reasons why I love this app. 😀

  1. Rockin’ features
    It’s really hard to enumerate the features coz one must experience it to really know why it rocks. Or you can check some of it HERE. Though this may be similar to other review apps out there, I like how simple it is and that there are no multiple additions of each establishment. I know this happens for other apps but the looloo team got everything covered.
  2. Wanna be on top?
    Yeah, it definitely was an ANTM moment for me when I got to be one of looloo’s suggested users. It never dawned on me that I was reviewing a lot, hence, the bestowed “crown”. On to more reviews then! 😉
  3. Hello freebies!
    It’s no secret that when you reach 100 reviews, you get free stuff from them. After posting my newly reviewed place, I went to my profile and…
    looloo2TADA! The big 100! Oh yeah! Hello free stuff!

    Yeah…that’s a cookie in the photo. ;P

    looloo5I got the looloo pin, looloo t-shirt, and handwritten letter. Yes, that shirt is priceless for me. I especially loved the letter. It’s not the norm nowadays to use a pen and a paper, and send it to someone. It’s either the letter is in email format or the printed one. But they took the time to actually write a letter. Really gives it this personal touch 🙂

  4. Badges
    This is really what I’m aiming for. I want to collect them all! Haha! But I’m half serious about that. I guess I’m just one of those people who likes those kinds of stuff. It has this “thrill of the chase” appeal to me. Right now, I have 5 badges so on to more unlocking others!
  5. looloo community
    Everyone is just so nice and genuine. You really get honest reviews from people all over the country. It’s so fun interacting with other foodies, travelers, spa-lovers, what-have-you. Props to the looloo crew too! These people really make the app fun, seamless, and great. 🙂

Yeah, I really love this app. Not a single day goes by that I don’t do a review (unless I’m out of the country). It’s nice to share one’s insight on food, and get to know others as well. As of writing, I’m nearing my 200 review mark. And I only started June of this year. 😛
looloo7Now let me leave you with THIS VIDEO that my friend unearthed from their Youtube account. This still leaves me with a lot of giggles! On to more reviews with ya looloo! Much love! ❤


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