Feel the sun shine at Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place

AADBHaving breakfast any time of the day is always an enjoyable experience. And why not have it at a place where the sun always shines: Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place. A good place for breakfast eats, let’s feel how the sun shines at this spot.

AADB7AADB6AADB2AADB1AADB3AADB5AADB4No wonder this place was so happy: just look at that very happy sun! The place was a bit small but it makes it cozy at the same time. It gives this casual feel that’s perfect for good catch up sessions with your buddies.

Batangas Beef Tapa (P 150)
Batangas Beef Tapa (P 150)

AADB_tapa2Considered as one of their bestsellers, the beef was quite flavorful and tender. This is definitely one of the good tapas out there. This dish was served with some iced tea so it’s good value for one’s money.

Sweet Pork Tocino (P 120)
Sweet Pork Tocino (P 120)

AADB_tocino2We were four at that time, and one of us chose this. Yeah, the majority wanted the tapa. Also served with iced tea, my friend liked this too.

So by this time, we didn’t expect to be that full. But since we felt we could eat to our heart’s content, we ordered their bestselling pancakes. 😀

Death by Chocolate Overdose (P 250)
Death by Chocolate Overdose (P 250)

AADB_pancake2_1And the photos on the menu didn’t lie! Just look at that beauty! It really was chocolate on chocolate ON chocolate. One bite of this could send you to the chocolate gods. This was surprisingly not as sweet as it looked. Right balance of chocolate flavor there. Served with hot chocolate, it was a metaphorical death by chocolate indeed.

Toffee Banana (P 250)
Toffee Banana (P 250)

AADB_pancake1_1As much as I love chocolate, I actually preferred this one. This had the right balance of flavor and sweet factor. I also liked the addition of walnuts as it gave this crunch to the dish. With generous pieces of sliced bananas, this was one sweet deal.

So...we were four at that time. Go figure how we divided the drinks (and that one mug of hot choco).
So…we were four at that time. Go figure how we divided the drinks (and that one mug of hot choco).


The real highlight for me at this spot was their pancakes. It was so fluffy, and packed at the same time. You do get value for money here as they don’t scrimp on the ingredients, and most are paired with a drink. Despite of having a gloomy weather that day, we all felt “sunny” and jolly (hyper w/sugar really) after dining at this place. 😀

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place
50 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village,
Quezon City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllysAllDay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllysAllDay
Instagram: http://instagram.com/allysallday


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