Are you done with your Project Pie?

PP1Well, are you? It’s really easy to get this project done. Just head to this place, decide on what “materials” are needed for the project, give it a name, fire it up and boom! You have your Project Pie.

PP8PP12PP11PP10Cool, cool, cool. Yep, that’s the word popping in my head whenever I see this place. The place was just that: cool. I like the feel of the whole area backed up with awesome tunes. Despite of having a very open kitchen, you can hardly smell or sense any of the commotion going on. Well, probably just the buzz of the customers coming and going but that’s just about it. Like I said, it was all cool at this place. 😎

PP9For P 65, you can choose from any drink from that booth above. The best part about it: it’s refillable.

PP_teaI chose China Mist Iced Tea which was very refreshing. It’s not the sweet type of iced tea. I get to taste more of the tea there which was a tad bitter (my preference really).


You could choose any of the beers that they offer here. Local beers are priced at P 65 while imported ones cost P 150. And I do think this is a better pair for your chosen pizza.

PP3My friend and I chose to create our own pizza. You can order ones that have pre-chosen toppings but we wanted to be creative that time. For P 285, we headed to the counter to get our pizza pie fix.

PP4PP6PP5Revel in our creations below!

PP_piePP_pie2I was trying to go for something fresh and light here. Added a couple of mushrooms, corn, onions, and bell peppers in. No tomato sauce on this one. The pie itself was good. Nicely done! It’s thickness was just right to balance out its toppings.

PP_pie1PP_pie3My friend’s masterpiece was the meaty type. And I actually liked her creation more than mine. Probably because of the Canadian bacon added in. This one had tomat0 sauce, sauteed onions, and a couple of pineapples.

PPFor me, this project definitely deserves an A+. The concept was really good as you get to choose what’s in your pizza. You also get to witness how it’s done. They only have one size though for their pizza which can be good for up to two people.

I’m really glad this US-based franchise arrived here. Not only do you get to be creative but taste one good pizza. On to more projects with ya Project Pie! 😛

Project Pie
G/F Park Square,
A. Arnaiz Avenue corner Theater Drive,
San Lorenzo, Makati City
Official website:


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