The Omakase Run

omakaseNope, this isn’t a fund-raising event but more of an almost-individual marathon. You see, being on a different work shift changed my daily routine. Gone are the days of normal lunch breaks and after work dinners. It’s now more of wake-up-kinda-early-for-a-late-lunch and quick dinners. Yes, that is my life now. So I was hurrying to meet my friend for this late lunch, and all I had were my good old legs to carry me. Didn’t bother to take a jeep ‘coz I believed that my legs are faster (HA! Man vs. machine moment right there!). And yes, I’m the type who doesn’t bother how he/she looks as long as I’m almost on time. And was I? Buzzer beater! Our table was just ready when I came. Now, time for some Omakase food run. 🙂

omakase1omakase2The place was packed when we came. We were seated on these high chairs on this long table which were considered as common tables. It may look kinda boxy because of the design of the chairs and the lights. They do have these cute Japanese dolls which my friend lovingly joked that she couldn’t leave me or else, I’ll get mistaken for a doll. 😕

Salmon Sashimi (P 240)
Salmon Sashimi (P 240)

And this was silky smooth. Fresh, glides on easily, and a good starter.

Dynamite Roll (P 260)
Dynamite Roll (P 260)

omakase_dynamite1This was good but I find it lacking in the spicy factor. You could either have spicy salmon or tuna on top. We preferred the latter because we already had the salmon sushi.

Ebi Tempura (5 pcs at P 285)
Ebi Tempura (5 pcs at P 285)

omakase_tempura1One of the Japanese restaurant must-haves, every bite of this tempura had shrimp in it. The breading on this one was just right to add flavor, and not to overpower the dish. Dip it in some tempura sauce for that complete tempura experience.

Chicken Teriyaki (P 205)
Chicken Teriyaki (P 205)

omakase_teriyaki1Another Japanese restaurant must-have is their Chicken Teriyaki. The cut on this one was nice as it was thick enough to balance the sauce in. This was rightly sweet that goes well with plain rice.

omakase3Omakase is always a good restaurant to dine in if you’re craving for some good Japanese cuisine. Good for quick catch-up sessions or group lunch/dinner, this place never fails to get packed with people hungry for their dishes. Once you’ve had a taste of their foods, you’ll surely be running back for more. 🙂

Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


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