Thank you 2014!

YEP1Ah…the holiday season. Everything seems so festive this time of the year. Wherever you are in the world right now, you’d see decorations of sorts in multitude of colors. It really is the happiest and liveliest time of the year. Also, it signals the coming of the year’s end.

Looking back, this year was tough for me. But when I think about the experiences I went through, I was surprised that it all happened this year. One experience that changed me somehow was going back to blogging. And I must admit that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Of course, at first I was hesitant. I know my writing skills are getting rusty. I was worried that what if I don’t get to commit to this, and neglect it all over again. Yes, there were worries in my head. But with much planning, organizing and budgeting (yeah…gotta budget them food trips!), I’m happy to say that I was successful. I’m very proud to have written 83 entries since June of this year. It may not be a lot for some but I consider it a feat and a victory for me. So yeah, hugs and pats on my back on this one! 😀

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without my food support group (aka: friends). You know who you are. Thank you for helping me search good eats out there, and coming along to my researched restos in town. To my forever food buddies (aka: parents), I am forever grateful for your voracious appetites for not only do we get to eat new dishes but also bond as a family. To those who read this (aka: readers? Subscribers? Fellow hungry employees? HA!), a big thank you! I know I’m but a small voice on the web so much love and appreciation goes out to you for spending a few minutes of your time browsing my site. Lastly, thank YOU. Without Him, I wouldn’t be able to write at all.

Yes, 2014 was tough but thank you 2014! You were one scary and fun rollercoaster ride that’s one for the books. I can’t wait for whatever 2015 holds for me but I’m sure that it’s going to be an even better ride. So with that, I shall go on my quick blog hiatus (girl’s gotta enjoy the holidays ‘kay?). I’ll definitely be back for more food adventures next year. 😛

From me and my pretty snowflake below, Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! <insert clinking of wine glasses> 😀



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