Entering the majestic Jade Garden

JGI only have a faint memory of this place. And I’m not even sure if I was able to dine here when I was young. So when I saw it’s majestic signage while strolling Glorietta, I said to myself that one day I’ll enter that garden. And on a gloomy and rainy day, my family and I did enter and taste the offers of this gem.

JG1JG6JG7JG8JG4JG3JG2JG10From the inside of the mall, there’s this passageway leading to the restaurant. There’s another entrance outside which is more grand than the other one. It has this spiraling staircase and wooden Chinese bench with the restaurant’s logo on top. Don’t want to take the stairs? No problem! They have an elevator. Everything just exudes of opulence with the carpeted floors and light fixtures.

JG9Complimentary wonton chips to snack on while waiting for the main dishes. I liked how lightly salted these were to the point of almost being bland. One can just keep on getting these without tiring of it.

Spinach with Fresh Crabmeat Soup (Small: P 480)
Spinach with Fresh Crabmeat Soup (Small: P 480)

To warm the cold rainy day off, this soup was served quite hot. That was my serving which was filled with generous amounts of spinach, and an ample amount of crabmeat. This was good though I found it to be somewhat salty nearing the end of my share.

Fried Rice in "Yeung Chow" Style (Small: P 360)
Fried Rice in “Yeung Chow” Style (Small: P 360)

Quite flavorful which could very well be a meal on its own. Same as with the soup, that was my serving too. Good pair to the other dishes we had for that day.

Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce (Small: P 500)
Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce (Small: P 500)

JG_fillet1The fillet itself had this slight crunch while maintaining its moisture inside. Its sauce was enough to highlight the fish. This was one good traditional sweet & sour fish fillet.

Scrambled Egg with Fresh Swahe (Small: P 600)
Scrambled Egg with Fresh Swahe (Small: P 600)

JG_swaheI liked how simple this dish was. The shrimp was indeed fresh as it still had this pop factor when you bite into it. The egg mixture was pretty good too.

Sizzling Chicken in Korean BBQ Sauce (Small: P 460)
Sizzling Chicken in Korean BBQ Sauce (Small: P 460)

JG_bbq1I was curious why a Korean dish was listed on their menu. I had to try it. I was expecting this to be somewhat sweet and spicy. However, I didn’t get that flavor. It was just okay. The chicken was very tender but I wanted more of the tangy bbq flavor.

Buchi (4pcs at P 120)
Buchi (4pcs at P 120)

JG_buchi1Yeah…those were supposed to be 4 pieces. My dad suddenly grabbed the other piece without me noticing. Haha. Had a taste of this, and it was good. It tasted how a buchi should taste like. I liked how this was not at all oily (unlike in other restos).

Mango Jubilee (2 servings at P 220)
Mango Jubilee (2 servings at P 220)

And we were in a treat for this! There was kind of a cooking show when this was presented.

JG_jubileeSee, that guy whipped up his cooking tools to present us this dessert. After prepping the mangoes, he then placed it on top of the vanilla ice cream.

JG_jubilee2The taste: SO GOOD. The ice cream was so creamy. Couple that up with the mangoes, and it’s heaven on your mouth. Slightly sour (‘coz the mangoes are not in season yet), this was one good dessert to cap the dining experience.

JG11Despite of the many diners at this place, service was very superb. The servers were very attentive. Also, some of the dishes such as the soup and rice were portioned off per diner. Good “show” too on one of the desserts. And even though we didn’t have any reservation (place was packed that day), we were still accommodated. Perfect venue for family gatherings, this is one garden that you’ll surely find a gem.

Jade Garden
2/F Glorietta 2, Ayala Center,
Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jadegarden.ph


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