Visiting Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

MLIK1At first glance, this place may seem like any ordinary house along that street. Well, it is a house converted to a restaurant so one could look past it, never knowing the delicious dishes that they offer. But ever since its launch, it has gained a following with people from far away dropping by this place to relish their foods. Let’s now visit this kitchen shall we?

MLIK4MLIK5MLIK3MLIK2You can either dine in inside the resto or al fresco. Once you step inside, it does feel like home. They have a good selection of wine that you could pair with your chosen meals.

MLIK_breadThese complimentary bread slices were served with some tomato and pesto dip. I preferred the tomato one as I find it to be more flavorful than the pesto.

Clam Chowder Soup (Solo: P 185)
Clam Chowder Soup (Solo: P 185)

This had the right level of creaminess which is good to start of one’s Italian dish journey.

Spaghetti Seafood Olio (P 315)
Spaghetti Seafood Olio (P 315)

MLIK_pasta1Topped with assorted seafood, this simple dish sauteed in garlic sure packed up some flavor. The pasta was al dente, and very flavorful. Not sure how they cooked the pasta but one can and should taste the seafood in it.

MLIK_loolooBeing a looloo user sure has its perks! Got this pasta dish for free with only a few minutes left to claim it. 😀

Spaghetti con Tuyo Jalapeño
Spaghetti con Tuyo Jalapeño

MLIK_pasta2aAt first bite, it wasn’t spicy for me. It wasn’t as salty as I would have expected it to be which was good. As I searched the dish for the jalapeño pieces, I popped one in my mouth along with some pasta and tuyo. And the flavor was astoundingly good! Spicy and salty at the same time. Same as with the other pasta dish, the pasta in this one was al dente too and quite flavorful.


Pizza Salsiccia (P 295)
Pizza Salsiccia (P 295)
Mama Lou's Special (P 350)
Mama Lou’s Special (P 350)

We were torn as to what pizza to choose. Good thing that the server told us that we can have two flavors in one. Talk about having best of both worlds! Their Pizza Salsiccia was good with the garlic sausage not overpowering each slice. The amount was just right to highlight the other ingredients in. Flavor was quite rich. The other pizza, Mama Lou’s Special, was the one that I liked best. It tasted fresh which was probably due to the mango and arugula toppings. The saltiness of the prosciutto slice paired well with the sweetness of the mango. With drizzled balsamic cream, this was one pizza that I could see ordering for myself again.

Mama Lou's Iced Tea (P 75)
Mama Lou’s Iced Tea (P 75)

A good way to refresh oneself with all the Italian dishes is their iced tea. It wasn’t that sweet with slight hints of mint.

Not sure what happened to the signage there.
Not sure what happened to the signage there.

A visit to this resto is always a win for me. Backed with great food and good service, this is one place that’s perfect for family gatherings, catch up sessions with friends and date nights.

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen
Block 1 Lot 36 Tropical Avenue cor. Tropical Palace,
BF International, Las Piñas City


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