Getting healthy at Kitchen 1B

1b17All the holiday’s festivities gained some pounds on me. I don’t complain really. It’s just that sometimes, we really don’t know what we take in. We just grab whatever’s served not knowing the ingredients added in. So this resto near Legazpi Park was a breath of fresh air for me. Guaranteeing its diners with healthy dishes, let’s go check this wholesome alternative.

1b51b81b71b91b101b16The place had this very casual and homey vibe with its very open kitchen. I liked the chic chairs with its varied dresses. The ceiling was pretty high that opens up the space even more.

1b131b141b121b15Something must be said about their bathroom. It was really spacious with chairs inside (I wonder why…). It was very neat though I found it strange that they have this big mirror facing the toilet.

1b31b21b6Table setting here was very on point. I liked their mats indicating the meal of the day. As mason jars have become a trend, I’m glad they didn’t follow that. Instead, we got these can-shaped glasses. Its coaster was just too cute for words. And oh, the plant is very real. Touched it several times 😀

1b4Same with Apartment 1B, you just have to press the buttons on this nifty gadget. Since there were only a few of us dining at that time, we never got to use this.

1b1Gone are the usual bookish menus on this resto! Just click/swipe away on this tablet to check out their dishes. Talk about being one techie restaurant! 🙂

Grilled Mango BBQ Chicken (P 530)
Grilled Mango BBQ Chicken (P 530)

1b_chicken11b_chicken2This boneless free range probiotic hormone free chicken was absolutely delicious. The sauce was a bit sweet, thanks to the mango, yet retaining that tangy bbq flavor. Paired with some veggies on the side, this was one tasty and healthy dish.

Mushroom & Eggplant Lasagna (P 620)
Mushroom & Eggplant Lasagna (P 620)

1b_lasagna1Made with fresh whole wheat spinach lasagna, I liked their version of veggie lasagna. Normally, I would opt for the traditional version which consist of meat. Not really a fan of eggplant so I would be very skeptical in choosing this. But my friend wanted to try this. And I’m so glad she did. It gave justice to what a lasagna should be. If I would eat another veggie lasagna, this shall be my go-to place.

Pecan Pie (P 290)
Pecan Pie (P 290)

1b_dessert1This was surprisingly not that sweet. For a Pecan Pie, that’s somewhat different. It’s probably due to the brown sugar and organic blue agave honey added in. The crust had the right crunch to it. Overall, one good dessert.

1bIt surely was a good dining experience here. Even though I was full, I felt somehow light and refreshed knowing that the ingredients used were healthy. That being said, yes, dishes are quite expensive. This is good for catch-up sessions, family gatherings, dates, or if you simply just want to dine healthy. Yes, I invite you to try this wholesome alternative. 🙂

Kitchen 1B
G/F KL Tower, Gamboa Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City


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