Adding up The Girl + The Bull

tgtbSo, how do we add these two up? Adding two similar items are easy but different ones such as these just don’t make sense. But I guess, that’s where the beauty lies: in things that don’t seem to make sense but in the end, it does.

tgtb3tgtb4tgtb2tgtb1tgtb5tgtb6Entering the resto felt like entering a very modern chic home. There were multiple art pieces that hung on its walls. There’s also a section where different photos dangle on twines. Marble tables and plastic french chairs accompany customers to their dining journey here.

Blackened Snapper (P 450)
Blackened Snapper (P 450)

tgtb_snapper1tgtb_snapper2tgtb_snapper3tgtb_snapper5Honestly, I was surprised at the serving of this. Good thing I wasn’t that hungry. Lying on a bed of sweet potato puree was the blackened snapper that was spiced very well. The outer layer was crusty. The inside was tender and retained its moist. The puree countered the heat of the fish. The salad on the side, which consisted of brussel sprouts and radishes, was quite sweet. This paired nicely to the fish. The strawberry mixture, which is the pink stuff there, was just okay.

Chicken Bibimbap (P 410)
Chicken Bibimbap (P 410)

tgtb_chicken1This isn’t your usual bibimbap. It’s more of a modern take on the dish with having kimchi mixed in the rice. I was only able to taste a couple bites of this, and I must say, it was pretty good. The poached egg was cooked nicely. The kimchi rice sure packed up some heat. I liked the spices on the chicken too. It was a bit sweet which paired well with the rice. Both of my friends ordered this, and found it good at first. Though mixing everything in was the suggested method of eating it, it overwhelmed them at some point. The portion of this one was quite big that can be shared by two persons.

Faux Twix (P 160)
Faux Twix (P 160)

tgtb_twix1I’ve heard rave reviews about this so it was a must to order this. Best eaten using one’s hands, this was hands down the BEST TASTING DESSERT to date. SO GOOD. Yeah, all capital lettters for much emphasis. All the layers and salt on top just makes this really good. Not a fan of caramel but this made me want to take bite after bite. It wasn’t that sweet. It’s not the type that would settle on one’s throat. It was balanced off by the sea salt placed on top. This is a must try for everyone visiting this place.

tgatbtgtb7Though it was a little hard to find, it was well worth the journey. Their little signage doesn’t scream the place. If you’re heading here, look for Casa Alfonso Bed & Breakfast as that’s where the restaurant is located.

So how does this addition fared, very nicely. It was an odd combination that works. The dishes are on point though pricey. Best to head here for dinner, and to make a reservation too.

The Girl + The Bull
346 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Parañaque City
Official website:


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