#HITW: In all Scout’s Honor

sh9Someone once labeled me cookie monster. Or just told me that I should be called as such. Yeah, I love cookies. When I was little, I could eat one box of Chips Ahoy in one sitting. No kidding! 😉 I’ve toned down over the years but my love for that well-loved snack didn’t fade. It’s amazing how that dough both fills me up and makes me happy. And I could say the same with this one. 🙂

sh1shThey already have premade cookies that you can choose from. And you can also create your own. That’s what appealed to me the most, and have drawn most of the customers to this stall. So, how do you create your own cookie here?

sh2sh3First, you have to choose what batter. They have multiple dough mixes to choose from. Each dough mix has a suggested number of toppings (as some already have toppings such as their Chocolate Chip Chewy Cookie Dough).

sh4sh5It’s now time to get creative! Or crazy. Haha. You now get to choose what toppings you’d like on your cookie. They have a variety from the good old milk chocolate chips to candied bacon.

sh6sh7Waiting time is approximately 8 minutes. As we waited, we chose our drink that goes with it. Milk is always the perfect pair for cookies. Luckily, my friend and I still got their “Craft Set One” which consists of 1 cookie and your choice of milk or coffee. It costs P 220. They do have a new combo now which I think consists of 2 cookies and a drink. Yeah, it is pricier than regular cookie combos at some cafes but hey, when will you ever get the chance to choose what’s going in the cookie right?

Presenting…our cookie “creations”! 😀

sh_cookie2sh_cookie2aI went for a classic cookie. I really wanted to taste how good the cookie was in its almost simplest form. For the dough, I chose their Basic Chewy Cookie Dough. I topped it with some dark chocolates, macadamia and salted pretzel. And I loved it! Maybe I’m a bit biased since I like dark chocolate and macadamia but the cookie itself was good. It was warm and soft in the middle. The crust of the cookie had that crunch which I liked. I just wished that the salted pretzels were cut in little pieces so that its flavor could be felt more. The cookie size was big enough for sharing.

sh_cookie1sh_cookie1aYou can never go wrong with Reese’s.

Yes, had to quote my friend on that. Same as with mine, she chose their Basic Chewy Cookie Dough topped with Reese’s Chocolate, White Milk Chocolate and Pastillas. I was expecting her cookie to be sweet based from the toppings but surprisingly, it wasn’t that sweet. And she was correct on the Reese’s part. It made everything good.

Whole Milk
Whole Milk

Went a little conservative here as I really wanted to highlight the cookie’s taste. It was a good milk.

Cookies 'n Cream Milk
Cookies ‘n Cream Milk

My friend chose this. I had a sip and it was just okay.

sh8We were quite happy with our cookie creations. It’s one good dessert and a fun experience. My head is already doing permutations of possible future cookie concoctions. Haha. Needless to say, this cookie monster had a lot of fun at this stall. 😀

Scout’s Honor
Hole in the Wall,
4/F Century City Mall,
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScoutsHonorCraftCookies
Instagram: http://instagram.com/holeinthewallph

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