I dream of Mochicream Cafe

MC2Ever had those dreams where you bite into something delicious that it melts all your worries for a minute or two? Oh wait, this one was a real story.

MC3MC1Yeah, I’ve had food dreams in the past. Starting this blog again made me not only daydream about food but literally dream about it during my sleep too. I wouldn’t go into the details of that one but I would go on with the interior details of this café. Tucked at this corner of this mega mall, its space was quite open which seems to invite its customers for some good food coupled with good drinks. The place is good for catch-up sessions though soloists may find comfort in the nook above where they can enjoy their treats too.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (P 295)
Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (P 295)

MC_brazo1This was one good brazo de mercedes. It wasn’t that frozen to the point that you wouldn’t be able to slice it. The top layer was still fluffy and airy. It wasn’t that sweet too. To be honest, I was surprised at how big this was. It’s almost the size of my hand.

Green Tea Marshmallow Mochi (P 95)
Green Tea Marshmallow Mochi (P 95)

Yep, ordered this one too. A must really! I mean, I’m in a café that serves mochi so might as well order one. My friend teased at how much of a sweet tooth person I am after all these years. Couldn’t get the sugar out of me! But this one wasn’t sweet. Upon first bite, you can instantly taste the green tea. Yummy dessert to cap the afternoon off 😛

Cafe Mocha (12oz @ P130)
Cafe Mocha (12oz @ P130)

MC_mohcaSkipped the whole matcha drink (as I already had green tea mochi), and opted for this instead. It was a good warm drink that energized me the whole afternoon ‘til evening.

Below are sweet treats my friend had. 🙂

Red Bean Mochi (P 75)
Red Bean Mochi (P75)
Choco Banana Mochi (P90)
Choco Banana Mochi (P90)
Cappuccino (8oz @ P105)
Cappuccino (8oz @ P105)

MC_cappuccino1MCThere’s still a lot that I have yet to try from this café. Down to their mochi donuts (yep, they have one here) up to their matcha drinks, the list just goes on and I couldn’t eat it all that afternoon. Yes, this hungry gal is excited to try more sweets from this shop. No more daydreaming of this one. Just pure real treats to satisfy my sweet tooth. 😛

Mochicream Cafe
4F SM Mega Fashion Hall,
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Official website: http://mochicream.com.ph/#xl_xr_page_index
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MochicreamPH
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MochicreamPH
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mochicreamph


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