U-turn at the Rural Kitchen

RK1We weren’t supposed to dine here. But thanks to the waiting time at the supposed resto, we landed at this quaint place that one would almost miss.

RK7RKRK4RK3RK6RK2RK5I’m amazed at how they were able to do the interiors on this one. The restaurant really is small yet it makes for one cozy and casual atmosphere. I especially liked this painting and the lights that hung from its ceiling.

Bonete bread
Bonete bread

We were served with complimentary bonete bread. I expected more pieces but it’s just one per head. My friend did request for another, and got just one piece.

RK_dipsI would liken the dip topped with some cheese to that of a salsa one. It was a good pair to the warm bread. But on its own, the bread was good. Soft on the top with a crusty warm bottom.

Vegetable Lumpia (P 195)
Vegetable Lumpia (P 195)

RK_lumpia1This one really needed to be dipped in the vinegar that came with it. It’s a bit bland.

Salmon Belly sa Bayabas (P 450)
Salmon Belly sa Bayabas (P 450)

RK_soup1All the while, I was thinking of sinigang when we ordered this. But it didn’t taste sour at all being that it wasn’t. Haha. It was still very tasty that you can taste the guava. Very generous too on the main ingredients added.

Pork Adobo (P 340)
Pork Adobo (P 340)

RK_adobo1As recommended, we got this. It seemed simple and lackluster being that it’s adobo. How can you go wrong with it? Rather, how can one stand out among other dishes of this variant? But one bite of this, and you’ll say “yes, this is one of the outstanding ones”. Served dry, the pork was very tender and flavorful on its own. You can opt to have some of the soy sauce dip, atchara or that bitter gourd mix (don’t know what that is called). I preferred to have mine with the soy sauce, and it just enhanced the flavor more. Though the portion may seem small, it’s actually good for sharing.

RK8I guess this u-turn was a good turn for me and my buddies. We got to experience some homecooked Laguna dishes that just warms the heart and fills your tummy. The place could get packed since it is small so it’s best to make a reservation. Perfect for get togethers, go make a turn at this kitchen to experience good Pinoy dishes. 🙂

Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna
HRC Centre, 104 Rada Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruralkitchenofliliwlaguna
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ruralkitchenofliliwlaguna/


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