Have a Waf-fin time!


Hungry and craving for something sweet? Why not try the waffles at this stop. I did. 😉


I was already at the office, and was too early to be there so I decided to grab a quick snack. I always pass by this waffle place, and it has always intrigued me. Normally, you’d just see waffles being sold in a kiosk. But it’s nice that there’s a dedicated place to grab these warm sweets.






The place is really small with just 3 seats. No kidding! It’s still a grab-and-go kind of place. But I liked the overall interiors for it had this hip, cool and happy vibe.

Brewed coffee (P 40)
Coffee (P 40)

I shouldn’t have expected much from this. I mean, you really get what you pay for. Though, I’ve experienced better coffee at that price. Not sure what happened with the brewing process. Let’s just say that I was only able to drink half of it.

Blueberry with Cream Cheese Waffle (P 55)
Blueberry with Cream Cheese Waffle (P 55)


Then again, I came here for the waffle. This shouldn’t disappoint right? Yup, it didn’t. Good deal for that price! Crunchy on the outside with the smooth and sweet taste on the inside, this was one good waffle. The layers of blueberry jam and cream cheese were enough that it didn’t overpower the whole snack.


For those craving for some sweet treat, go stop by this place for some affordable and yummy waffles. 🙂

Waf the Waffle Bar
Rada Regency, Rada Street corner Dela Rosa Street,
Legazpi Village, Makati City


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