And I vote for A Veneto

AV2Whenever I’m craving for good Italian dishes at an affordable price, this pizzeria always pops in my head. Not only do they serve good food, their dishes are good for sharing too. So yes, my vote always goes here.

AVAV1Since this is situated at the old section of Glorietta, it wasn’t well airconditioned (which explains the big Iwata fan). It strives to have this NY pizzeria feel with all its signages referencing that state.

Chicken Wings (P 185)
Chicken Wings (P 185)

AV_chicken2AV_chicken3This was sweet which I liked. Though it’s smothered in sweet chili sauce, I never really got the heat kick in. Dipping it in the sauce adds flavor to the whole starter.

Lasagna (P 315)
Lasagna (P 315)

AV_lasagna2I couldn’t differentiate the layers but man, this was a lot! Served really hot, this was very flavorful with all the ground beef, ricotta, mozarella and marinara sauce blending well altogether. Good lasagna that definitely needs to be shared by 3 people.

Hawaiian Pizza (Small: P 265)
Hawaiian Pizza (Small: P 265)

AV_pizza2Their pizza isn’t the thin or the thick crust type. It’s more of in the middle. This was okay. I liked the pineapple bits that really brought out the sweetness in the pie. Considering that our main dish was flavorful, this was a good pair to balance everything out.

AV3So if you’re craving for some Italian dishes, in a large group and on a budget, head on over here. I’m sure you’ll vote yes to their dishes too.

a Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante
G/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center,
Glorietta Complex, Makati City


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